Giles Deacon, Gwendoline Christie’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

This is a week of celebration for fashion designer Giles Deacon and girlfriend Gwendoline Christie. The famous designer, known for his couture dresses worn by just about every actress, celebrated his birthday on Tuesday and, tonight, Christie will star in the much-anticipated new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film.

Sometimes called an unlikely couple, Deacon and Christie seem to complement each other, having their strong friendship as a base even before they started dating in 2012. And more than complement, they support each other. Deacon even designed a Star Wars inspired dress.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Has Dressed Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss & Gwendoline Christie Herself

Giles Deacon, Gwendolin Christie's boyfriend, fashion designer, star wars


One sure sign you’ve “made it” in the fashion world is when celebrities not only know your name but love to wear your clothes. Deacon has quite a list of celebrity clients including Thandie Newton, Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carey Mulligan and Cate Blanchet, according to his website.

Although the Giles Deacon website does not exactly state he dresses Gwendoline Christie, it doesn’t need to. The two are always together at award shows and Christie is more than excited to talk about his designs.

She told InStyle at the 2015 Emmy’s that she was wearing a one-of-a-kind dress by Deacon and similar ones would appear in his runway show the next day. “I am wearing a Giles dress from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection, which is actually being shown tomorrow at London Fashion Week. It’s a custom gown, so you won’t see this one on the runway—but there will be similar styles.”

During the Elle Style Awards in London in February Christie wore a cape designed by Deacon which was just debuted during his catwalk show earlier that week.

2. The Couple Started Dating on New Year’s Eve 2012

Giles Deacon, Gwendolin Christie's boyfriend, fashion designer, star wars


While the details on their relationship are a bit foggy considering the couple likes to keep quiet about their love life, it has been reported that they began dating on New Year’s Eve in 2012. But their friendship and admiration for each other’s work is more deep-rooted.

In an article by Stylist magazine, Christie calls Deacon one of her fashion designer friends along with Henry Holland.

“I’m very lucky that those people are my friends. I’m lucky because they’re all amazing people. They’re brilliantly talented and incredibly smart and working extraordinarily hard in a very, very difficult industry.”

And now that they are dating, Christie continues to full-heartedly support Deacon as much as he supports her. “He’s one of my favorite designers, and he has an exquisite artistic vision with a brilliant and highly developed discipline. That kind of artist is rare, and I think it should be celebrated,” she said in an interview.

3. He’s Known For His Bold, Quirky & Dramatic Designs

Giles Deacon, Gwendolin Christie's boyfriend, fashion designer, star wars


Deacon launched the Giles brand in 2003 and has worked with brands including Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Converse, Ungaro and Proctor & Gamble among others.

In 2004 he showed his first collection at London Fashion Week with supermodels Eva Herzigova, Karen Elson and Linda Evangelista to walk in his debut show. This was great timing for Deacon because, as Vogue pointed out, his breakthrough as a designer coincided with a boom in British fashion.

“One of the hottest tickets on London runways, Giles dabbles with unlikely proportion and padding, wild prints, and pop-culture references that range from Poe to Peter Saville,” explains New York Magazine.

4. He Was Named British Fashion Designer of the Year

Giles Deacon, Gwendolin Christie's boyfriend, fashion designer, star wars


“Giles is renowned for his exquisite cuts, bold use of fabrics and colors, and a real sense of playfulness and drama. He will undoubtedly bring a new energy and a sense of cool, modern elegance to Ungaro,” said Lucy Yeomans, editor of Harper’s Bazaar in an interview with the Guardian in 2010 before Deacon was to show his first line with Ungaro.

But before his work was recognized by the likes of fashion magazine editors and major brands, he was already winning awards. He won the British Fashion Awards’ Best New Designer in 2004, Elle’s Best New Designer award in February 2005, British Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2006 and Fashion Designer of the Year at the GQ Awards in 2009.

Perhaps he has grown into the title of British Designer of the Year even more as he has gained fashion experience throughout his career. He doesn’t only stick to gowns, he has designed shoes, and even flexed his illustrator muscle by drawing some postcards with Manolo Blahnik in 2010 for charity and helping create Mickey Mouse’s Magical Party Ears in 2009.

5. He Hasn’t Always Been Fashion-Forward

Giles Deacon, Gwendolin Christie's boyfriend, fashion designer, star wars


One of Deacon’s best friends, David Waddington who attended an art school in Yorkshire with him said when he first met Deacon in the 80s he was wearing an interesting outfit.

“He looked a little funny. He was wearing half-moon glasses designed by Bruce Oldfield and they had small brass bells on the end of them. And he was wearing two M&S cardigans, which I thought was an interesting style statement.”

Now, one of the greats among British designers, he has definitely found his sense of style. “I like the play of traditional techniques but done in a very modern way. So the combination of the two I’ve always had a great interest in and respect for,” in said in an interview.

Check out his latest collection on his website.

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