Is ‘The Originals’ on TV Tonight?

The Originals spoilers, The Originals return

The Originals is currently on winter hiatus, but there are plenty of spoilers to fill the wait. (Facebook)

Ok, so that really happened?

Excuse us while we continue to whimper over The Originals midseason finale from last week. And then whimper some more because the CW vampire hit won’t return to TV until January 29.

For real.

That means we’ve all got some serious time to come to terms with Cami’s (Leah Pipes) apparent death, Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) imminent rage and come up with a handful of different ways for the entire Mikaelson family to bring down some serious revenge on Aurora (Rebecca Breeds).

Before we jump into the spoilers for the eventual return of The Originals, check out the latest preview clip for the show:

Of course, the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue concerns the future of Cami. Can she really be dead? Would Klaus ever consider turning her into a vampire? From what those on the show have said, it seems that Cami really is gone. Executive producer Michael Narducci told Entertainment Weekly:

I have to give credit to Julie [Plec], Julie felt very strongly that the tragedy of what we do in this episode would make a fantastic episode for the midseason finale. It just so happened that that horrific moment lined up perfectly with the moment of romantic realization for these two people.

Narducci didn’t exactly confirm or deny that Cami was officially dead (let’s not forget how Elena ended up a vampire on The Vampire Diaries, after all), but also added that it’s important to include tragedy in these character arcs.

“We need to see how they respond in the midst of utmost despair,” he said. “We have to believe that there is hope and there is love and there is family and there is the devotion that we have to one another as spirits and human people. That’s the story that we’re telling.”

While we’re all still pretty worked up about Cami, there’s still a prophecy for the Mikaelson siblings to deal with and after watching Elijah dagger Rebekah, viewers want to know; has that been solved? Even Narducci doesn’t know. Really. He told Entertainment Weekly that the success of the move is “to be determined.”

Whoa. That’s a lot to take in.

Luckily we’ve got some time to absorb it all before The Originals switches from Thursday to Friday night on the CW.

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