Scott Gerber of the Gerber Group, ‘Undercover Boss’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Scott Gerber, Principal and CEO of the Gerber Group, a hospitality industry leader with 14 hotel bar and restaurant venues, including Whiskey Park, Whisky Blue and The Roof, is tonight’s subject on Undercover Boss. Check out the details on his famous family, exciting company and all about his episode of the show below.

1. His Brother Rande Is Married to Cindy Crawford

Growing up, Scott’s father Jordan Gerber was known as “The Jean King” and was very successful in clothing. Scott and his two brothers grew up privileged and would even party with their dad at Studio 54. Scott’s brother Rande became a model and one of his clients was Ian Schrager, who ran Studio 54 with Steve Rubell until they were both convicted of income tax evasion. After that, Schrager encouraged Rande and his brothers to get involved in the bar business. Rande ended up marrying Cindy Crawford on May 29, 1998 and they have two children together – Presley Walker (born July 2, 1999) and Kaia Jordan Gerber (born September 3, 2001).

2. Kenny, Scott’s Other Brother, Goes On One of the Missions Instead

Scott’s brother Kenny goes into one of their New York City restaurants because the location had recently opened. In turn, the employees are very familiar with Scott. Therefore, they would definitely recognize him. Kenny goes by the name Jay and tries out being a sous chef. Check out a clip of his experience above.

3. Scott, aka “Chris”, Gets In Trouble For Screaming at the Bartender

When Scott is in disguise as “Chris,” he has difficulty being a server. He feels very uncomfortable and has a hard time carrying trays. At one point he shouts across the bar to the bartender and gets reprimanded. Watch the above clip to check it out.

4. The Roof Is the Company’s Busiest Business

In NYC, the Gerber Group’s busiest place is called The Roof. It’s their most profitable property. Because everyone should know Scott there, he decides to go undercover as a guest rather than as an employee. While Scott is undercover, the bartender believes she is training a new employee. What Scott overhears as a patron is the bartender wants to leave the bar because she says the business changed. She says that the company used to feel more like a family.

5. Scott Tries His Hand at Bartending

One of Scott’s missions is to try out bartending, but his speed is a problem. In addition, the bartender gets a little impatient with him. Check it out in the above video clip.

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