Top 10 Best Music Videos of 2015

Kendrick Lamar Alright

The art of creating the perfect music video has thankfully not been lost.

As a matter of fact, the visuals that bring some of the best songs to life have gotten progressively better as of late. Unmistakable vocals that bring thoughtful lyrics to the forefront and creative themes that bring those aforementioned lyrics to life blend together to create such music video splendor. Kendrick Lamar, Adele, Sia and many others showcased their standout songs in the most memorable music videos that wowed viewers last year. The selections you’ll see below are top notch productions that millions of people have watched again and again.

These picks of ours stand tall as the top 10 best music videos of 2015.

10. “Sober” – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is the quirky dude who remarkably nabs the girl most dudes would want. It may take him forever to seal the deal, but he eventually finds the way to any woman’s heart. This video is proof of Gambino’s passionate pleas for a lady he so desperately desires. He dances all over a diner and acts out the lyrics devoted to “Sober” all in an attempt to catch the attention of a lady who thinks he’s pretty weird. The song switch up and dance number in the middle of Gambino’s performance adds so much more quality to this witty take on boy meets girl. When she finally gets up off her feet to join in on Gambino’s two-stepping, immediate good vibes came over us.

9. “Bills” – Lunchmoney Lewis

The struggle is so real. While it may be fun to pop bottles in the club and lose our minds to the most ratchet of tracks, reality quickly sets in once we’re forced to pay the bar tab. “Bills” by Lunchmoney Lewis is a track that hits close to home. Everyone has bills to pay and daily obstacles that need to be solved by a fat checking account. This colorful video showcases the usual day of a man who’s been through hell and back, but he continues to strive in face of all his problems. Watching Lunchmoney Lewis play the part of the everyman is wildly entertaining. Hope he got his girl that $50,000 she demanded…

8. “King Kunta” – Kendrick Lamar

To Pimp A Butterfly is one of the strongest, genre spanning masterpieces of 2015. TDE’s K. Dot represented his West Coast region by implementing that G-Funk sound into his latest jams. One of them is the infectious “King Kunta,” a triumphant track that makes us all feel like hood royalty. Kendrick takes us to Compton, California and rides through with the homies and two beautiful vixens. This visual tour through a local neighborhood puts us right into the fold as everyone grooves. The cleanest rides are parked in the middle of the street while brothers and sisters throw the livest block party of 2015. This video’s message is simple – King Kendrick has returned and his kingdom couldn’t be more happier.

7. “Feel Right” – Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal

We’ve all had to sit through at least one painful school talent show in our lives. Keep it real – some of those kids that got nothing more than a golf clap didn’t really deserve it. Them’s the breaks sometimes, young ones. At least the young musicians that stepped on stage for this video brought some electricity to an otherwise ho-hum stage show. “Feel Right” is the perfect musical marriage between Mark Ronson and Mystikal. Listening to Mystikal rhyme over live instrumentation always equates to audio excellence. Watching a group of lively elementary school kids get wild on stage to this jam was simply amazing. Best. Lip Sync. Video. Of the year.

6. “WTF (Where They From)” – Missy Elliot feat. Pharrell Williams

Oh, how we’ve missed you Missy. Her classic music videos were full of the type of imagery you’d be hard pressed to see anywhere else. Her surprising return to our screens took over timeline’s everywhere once we all got word of it. “WTF (Where They From)” is a supremely catchy song on its own, but it becomes all the more better in visual form. Missy and her dancers took us back to the days of elaborate dance numbers, outlandish outfits and everything else that reflects Missy’s music video style. We HAVE to mention puppet Pharrell Williams (how dope was that?) This video was an entertaining tease of what’s next to come from Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot.

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