‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Episode 11 – Recap & Spoilers

Check out all the highlights of the best moments that transpired during the 11th episode airing of The Walking Dead’s Season 6 run. Be sure to head to the next page to get every detail on everything that occurred.

1. Jesus Offered Rick and His People an Inside Look at his People’s Settlement

Alexandria’s front gate opens up while Sasha and Abraham have a chat. Abraham’s in the middle of one of his war stories as the both of them are detailing the inner perimeter. They split up after a long conversation. Abraham seems to have developed a love for Sasha, which explains why he’s flashing back to his previous moment with her while he’s with Rosita. He’s sharing a tender moment with Rosita, who passes him a physical token of her appreciation. While Rosita’s in the shower, he’s peering at his new prized possession and still thinking about Sasha.

Glenn and Maggie can be seen outside talking amongst themselves. All of a sudden, a commotion goes down in Rick’s house. Jesus happened to sneak in, which put everyone on notice. When day finally broke, Jesus had a roundtable discussion with Rick and his crew. Jesus makes it clear that Rick and Daryl are good people and they got off to a bad start from beforehand. He has a community to tend to as well. He offers to show them his settlement and hopefully build a better relationship with the group in front of him.

2. Rick and His Group Spot a Turned Over Vehicle; Jesus Recognizes That the Vehicle Belongs to his People

Darryl’s working on a vehicle that will take them to Jesus’ community. Nurse Jackie provides him with some goods before he takes his leave. Rick speaks with Carl about their upcoming trek and also lets him know that him and Michonne’s previous moment “just happened.” He leaves Carl behind with Baby Judith (Carl actually makes the decision to stay). Abraham, Darryl and the rest of Rick’s traveling gang then make the trip to wherever Jesus is taking them. While on the road, Abraham opens up a conversation with Glenn. Abraham opens up to Glenn about some much deeper topics regarding making babies in a post-apocalyptic world. Rick and Michonne begin to show each other some affection when suddenly they spot a crashed car on the side of the road.

Jesus seems to know the people that perished in this recent roadside accident. Rick and his people tie him up and go inside of a barren building to locate Jesus’ people. Maggie keeps a close eye on Jesus while everyone heads off to find the remaining survivors from the accident they just came across.

3. Rick and his Group Ended up Saving Four of Jesus’ Community Members

Inside the abandoned building, Rick and his people come upon two survivors in a room. They watch each other’s backs as zombies jump out at them. Darryl and Glenn locate another survivor, plus Abraham happens to save another. Back inside their ride, Maggie comes to know one of the survivors. He happens to be a doctor and offers to give Maggie some pills to help her with her pregnancy. Jesus checks in on one of his people, who pours his heart out about seeing his life flash before his eyes. Abraham almost killed him once before since he ran into him in the abandoned building, but he realized he was one of Jesus’ friends afterwards.

The group’s ride eventually gets stuck in the mud. Rick and his people exit the ride and come to find out that this is the place Jesus was telling them about beforehand. The entire group exits their now trapped automobile and heads toward Jesus’ home fort.