#TwinonPLL – Who Could Be the Secret Twin Revealed on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale Tonight?

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On the season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars, showrunner Marlene King has tweeted out that there will be a secret twin revealed among the cast. Her inclusion of a twin pays homage to the secret twin in the PLL books. Click here to check out the original books available to buy on Amazon. King has also tweeted that character Alison will have something happen to her that will change her life forever. With that said, could the twin be in Alison’s family?

Tonight, Alison gets a vision of her dead mother and she may be going a bit crazy. Could the late Mrs. DiLaurentis have a twin? Could Alison be the twin? Or, could Charlotte have had a twin?

Whatever the case may be, showrunner King revealed on Twitter that we have seen the twin before … Who could it be?

Another theory about the twin’s identity is that Ian could be the twin. On the PLL Instagram page, one of its finale countdown photos misspells the word villain to spell villian. Is this a typo or could it be hinting at character Ian being Uber A or being the twin? Sure, Ian killed himself, but that doesn’t really mean anything in PLL world, does it? … Especially with a twin in the mix.

For more PLL season 6 finale spoilers:

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