Trent Harmon, ‘American Idol’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Trent Harmon, age 25, is one of the top 3 finalists on American Idol and previously was a contestant on The Voice. He hails from a small town and is a farm boy who is used to a slower-paced lifestyle. Being on American Idol has allowed him to follow his dreams. Read on for the details on him below.

1. Keith Urban Helped Write Trent Harmon’s American Idol Single

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Every season, the final contestants get a single to take away from American Idol as their own song. Trent Harmon’s song is titled “Falling” and it’s available for purchase on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

The song seems to be a fusion of southern rock sounds and a bluesy style. Keith Urban actually co-wrote the song.

2. He Had Requested His Family Not Be at Any of His Performances This Season

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Recently, Harmon’s family surprised him by being able to make it out to the live show and he was thrilled to say the least … even though he had requested they not attend any of his live shows. Harmon had been very superstitious, which is why he hadn’t wanted them there. Check out the big surprise of their showing up in the above video.

When it comes to many of the American Idol contestants, their parents often say that it’s been clear since they were young that they were destined to be stars. Harmon’s mother Cindy told WTVA News:

That 3-year-old child could sing harmony or melody, melody or harmony, whichever I wanted him to sing, he could sing. And I went home and I told my husband, I said, ‘Randy, this child is gifted … he has an ear … He’s a winner already, you know. We didn’t expect it to go this far, But if he’s in third place, or second place, we love him just the same. And I really believe that America knows the talent Trent has, and he’s going to be fine … He’s going to be fine.

3. His Performance of “Drink You Away” Was a First For Idol

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Justin Timberlake has never granted permission to use any of his music on American Idol, but this season, for the first time, he did. Trent Harmon had the opportunity to perform JT’s “Drink You Away” and it was a brilliant performance.

4. Fellow Contestant Dalton Rapattoni Has Become Good Friends With Harmon

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Dalton Rapattoni is also one of the top 3 finalists on American Idol with Harmon and the two have become good friends. They even post Periscope chats and performances together calling themselves Salty Dalty and Uncle Trent. Check out one of their Periscope videos above.

In one of Rapattoni’s solo Periscope videos, a fan asked him who his celebrity crush was and he joked “Trent Harmon.”

5. Harmon’s Hometown Is as Small as They Come

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? I do #LUH you guys. Shoutout @Jesus because #LIFE. ❤️?

A post shared by Trent Harmon (@officialtrentharmon) on Apr 1, 2016 at 2:03pm PDT

Trent Harmon doesn’t live in the smallest town in the world, but Amory, Mississippi was last reported to have a population of 7,313 people in 2014. Amory was actually the first planned city in the state, established for the railroad system.

Harmon grew up living on his family’s farm and playing gigs at his family’s restaurant, sometimes receiving boos. His faith is very important to him and during school, he attended weekly bible readings and worship services, according to MJsBigBlog.

For more information on Trent Harmon, check out his best photos below.

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