Who Won ‘Survivor’ 2016 Tonight?

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On tonight’s season 32 finale of Survivor, the winner is … Michele Fitzgerald.

The four remaining contestants at the beginning of the episode were Aubry Bracco, Cydney Gillon, Michele Fitzgerald, and Tai Trang. At the first Rewards challenge, Cydney excelled and won, but it was Michele who succeeded throughout the rest of the finale. First, she won immunity and then she won the privilege of casting off one of the jury members. It’s the jurors who decide the ultimate fate of the remaining contestants, picking the sole Survivor. Michele ended up picking juror Neil to leave and he was definitely not happy about his departure.

At the first tribal council of the episode, the votes were tied between Aubry and Cydney, which meant a tie-breaker. Whoever started a fire first and was able to burn a piece of rope would stay in the competition. It was a very suspenseful face off, but Aubry ended up taking the win, making Cydney the final juror.

And so, the final three were Michele, Tai and Aubry. As a nice treat, the three of them were given food, beverages and a mirror to check out all the weight each of them had lost.

When the contestants went to their final tribal council, it was clear that many of them were siding with Michele. After each juror had cast their vote, the episode ended, flowing right into the live reunion show where host Jeff Probst would read the votes.