Chad Johnson on ‘The Bachelorette’ – Who Does He Fight With on the Show?

This week there are two episodes of The Bachelorette because there is so much drama with contestant Chad Johnson, that no one could wait another week to see it all. Now, if you do NOT want any spoilers on Chad or the show, then STOP READING NOW.

Chad has been pegged as this season’s villain and he does get into fights with multiple people. Previously, Alex rubbed him the wrong way when Alex requested he give some of the other guys space when they have one-on-one time with Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher. Tonight, the guys are hoping that Chad gets sent home. Unfortunately, they have to wait just one more episode. So, here’s the rundown on what to expect from what ABC is calling “Chadmageddon.”

– Evan makes comments about Chad on the group date, which anger Chad. In response, Chad pushes Evan and rips his shirt, according to Reality Steve.

– Chad’s buddy Daniel sits down with him and asks him to dial down his “villain” persona because it’s reflecting poorly on Daniel as well.

– Host Chris Harrison approaches Chad and tells him that some of the other contestants are uncomfortable and have accused him of being on steroids. Chad denies any steroid use and tells Harrison that he has not been an instigator and has only been defending himself.

– Chad’s roommate on the show, Derek, confides in one of the other contestants that he’s a bit scared of Chad, explaining:

Last night I felt like Chad could potentially snap, which is a little bit scary, because he sleeps right next to me. I could just feel the tension anytime I step into that room and he’s in there.

– When JoJo gives a rose to another contestant, Chad ends up punching a wall, which makes some of the other men uneasy.

– The guys feel the need for a security guard because of Chad’s “behavior.” Contestant Luke states:

Chad’s aggressive behavior has been elevated to a level that’s not safe, for anybody really at this point. We had to do something about this guy before it got out of hand.

– On tomorrow night’s episode (episode 4), Chad gets sent home on a 2-on-1 date with Alex. Reality Steve states that:

Alex gets the rose meaning Chad gets sent home, but for whatever reason, the guys are partying back at the resort when Alex comes back celebrating that Chad is gone, but the show for whatever reason lets Chad come back to the resort and sees this, and apparently gets in Jordan’s face and hell breaks loose. He started poking Jordan in the face and it got physical. End result is that Chad eventually went home.

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