#SaveMarinaJoyce: The Tweets & Memes You Need to See

Marina Joyce, 19, is a YouTube star in the U.K. who is at the center of the #SaveMarinaJoyce trend on Twitter. She has insisted repeatedly that she is fine. Enfield Borough police even tweeted that they checked up on her and said she was doing fine. This has not eased fans' concerns though, as they fear for her safety.

There had been fears in the past about her changing behavior, but interest in her situation really peaked on July 22. That day, she uploaded a video advertising a dress and a voice was heard whispering, "Help me." It also appeared to show that she had bruises on the back of her arms. Some theories to explain this include drug use or her being abducted by a boyfriend. However, again, she has insisted that she is OK.

One Twitter user also posted a screenshot of a conversation with Joyce's mother, who said that she was the one who whispered something in the July 22 video that was just not properly edited out.

Click through for some of the Tweets on this situation. The above photo was posted by Joyce Wednesday morning with the caption "I love you'd." (Twitter/Marina Joyce)

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