Kitten Summer Games: The Videos You Need to See

Hallmark’s Kitten Summer Games is airing tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern, but you don’t have to wait until then to watch adorable kittens training and competing for purrrfect prizes. We have some great videos from the Kitten Summer Games right here until the show debuts tonight.

Here’s what you need to see.

Hallmark channel aired a web series in preparation for tonight’s Kitten Summer Games called “Road to the Kitten Summer Games.” Here’s episode 1:

Next is episode 2, the gymnastics trials:

Episode 3 features tennis preparations:

For episode 4, we get to see the kittens preparing for the track & field competitions:

And episode 5 focuses on the legendary gymnastics coach, Bela Cat-Rollie:

But the fun doesn’t stop here! Episode 6 is called: “Furr-Gettable Meowments,” a look at the most adorable tumbles and falls as the kittens prepared for tonight:

Episode 7 gets back to the nitty gritty with pole vaulting:

And episode 8 features a summer favorite: volleyball. Here, Hissy May and Tabby Reece qualify for the games:

And in Episode 9, we see romping wrestling, featuring unmatched strength and determination from our kitten favorites:

If all of this isn’t enough, there’s also kitten cam highlights. Here’s one, titled “The Training Intensifies”:

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