‘Snowden’: Meet The Cast of Oliver Stone’s New Movie With Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Snowden, the new film from Oliver Stone about Edward Snowden, hits theaters on September 16 with preview screenings on September 15. Seeing as the film is about Snowden, the events depicted are fresh and were also at the center of Laura Poitras' Oscar-winning documentary Citizenfour.

Snowden is the government contractor who leaked information about the National Security Agency's spying program and has been living in Moscow since June 2013. Stone has been clear in his support for Snowden's cause, although he didn't initially want to make the movie. "You stay away from hot current topics because they change, the winds change, something changes, a new person comes out of the woodwork, lawsuits," he recently said, notes the Associated Press. "It's just a nightmare to do a living person."

Stone called his film a "dramatic interpretation" of the events that lead Snowden to go from soldier to a whistleblower considered a criminal and hero, depending on who you ask. Snowden himself also supported the film and even appears at the end. The film was written by Stone and Kiernan Fitzgerald (The Homesman).

Click through to meet the main cast. (Getty)

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