Ben Vereen as Dr. Everett Scott on ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’

On tonight's reimagining of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, actor Ben Vereen will be playing the legendary role of Dr. Everett Scott. Vereen is a veteran theater performer, perhaps best known for his roles in Pippin and Jesus Christ Superstar, and tonight, he is excited to bring to life the science teacher-turned-UFO-investigator who shows up at Dr. Further's castle in search of his nephew. Interestingly enough, when RHPS first hit theaters in '75, it wasn't well-received by audiences or critics. Its cult-following developed over the years. According to Wired, it was Twentieth Century Fox executive that saw it's potential to become a cult classic after the movie flopped in a limited run. He thought that giving the show a midnight premiere might catch on-- and catch on it did. Within years, the show became a hit, and has developed into one of the most beloved cult films of all time. Click through our gallery to learn more about Ben Vereen, and his role as Dr. Everett Scott in tonight's adaptation. (Youtube/Screenshot)