How Long Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Tonight?

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How long is The Walking Dead tonight? (AMC)

Tonight is episode 4 of The Walking Dead. Fans are hoping to finally see a face-to-face between Negan and Rick — their first encounter since that horrific premiere. But the producers of The Walking Dead also have something else special in mind for the fans tonight. The episode is going to be longer.

The Walking Dead episodes are usually just an hour long (much shorter if you take out all the time spent on commercials!) But tonight’s episode, for reasons unknown, is going to be extra long. In fact, this episode is going to be 90 minutes long.

So instead of ending at 10:00 p.m. Eastern, tonight’s episode will be ending at 10:25 p.m. Eastern. The Talking Dead will still air immediately after the episode and it will be an hour long.

We’re not exactly sure why this episode is so long. But fans likely won’t be disappointed, considering how great the season has been so far.

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