Carrie Fisher: Mark Hamill & More Tweet Well Wishes After Her Heart Attack

Carrie Fisher, Carrie Fisher Twitter Reactions, Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher with her dog at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago in August. (Getty)

The Star Wars community reacted to the shocking news of Carrie Fisher‘s heart attack with a show of support on Twitter. Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew and Warwick Davis were just a few of the celebrities who showed their support for the actress, who played Princess Leia in four Star Wars films and appears in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII.

According to TMZ, the 60-year-old Fisher was on a United Airlines flight from London to Los Angeles when she went into cardiac arrest. The crew reported Fisher as “unresponsive” and she was rushed to UCLA Medical Center the moment the plane landed just after noon on December 23. TMZ later updated its report, noting that it took paramedics 15 minutes to get a pulse. She is now on a ventilator.

Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, later told the Associated Press that she was “out of emergency” and stabilized at the hospital. He said he couldn’t offer more details.

Later, Todd Fisher told Entertainment Tonight that they don’t want to speculate on her condition, but asked that people pray for her.

“She is in the intensive care unit, she is being well looked after,” Todd told Entertainment Tonight. “If everyone could just pray for her that would be good. The doctors are doing their thing and we don’t want to bug them. We are waiting by patiently.”

Todd also told the site, “We certainly do not know her condition, that’s why she is in ICU. I’m sure everyone wants to speculate, but now is not the time for that.”

In an interview with Variety, Todd said that AP’s report was “writing between the lines” and that they really do not know what her condition is. “She’s in the ICU and everybody’s praying for her,” he told Variety. “There’s nothing new from the doctors. There’s nothing new at all. … There’s no good news or bad news.”

Here’s how members of the Star Wars community wished Fisher well.

Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker:

Harrison Ford sent a statement to The Hollywood Reporter Saturday morning:

Peter Mayhew, the man behind Chewbacca:

Warwick Davis, who played Wicket the Ewok and had several other small roles in the Star Wars films:

Billy Dee Williams, who played Lando Calrissian, added:

Gary Whitta, a co-writer on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

Michael Giacchino, who wrote the music for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:

Matt Lanter, the voice of Anakin Skywalker in The Clone Wars animated series, just wrote:

William Shatner isn’t a member of the Star Wars family, but the Star Trek actor still paid tribute:

George Takei, of Star Trek fame, added:

Elijah Wood, who starred in The Lord of the Rings, added:

Bette Midler also chimed in:

Actor Orlando Jones wrote:

From filmmaker Kevin Smith:

Margaret Cho:

Mia Farrow just wrote:

Josh Gad added:

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