Clint Cummings Cause of Death: How Did Ink Master Star Die?

Before he died, Clint Cummings, a cast member in season two of the television show, Ink Master, wrote movingly about his valiant fight against cancer.

Sadly, Cummings, 35 – whose Dallas-based tattoo artistry inspired many and whose fight against cancer moved many – died on December 23. Inked Magazine wrote in a profile story that Cummings suffered from stage four colorectal cancer. He raised more than $16,000 on a GoFundMe site dedicated to his fight against cancer.

Tributes poured into social media. Cummings was known for his Comic book tattoo artistry, and many said a great talent had been lost.

Five weeks before he died, Cummings wrote that he was trying to be inspirational and hopeful, despite all:

This is one of the last pics I took with my love before things became worse. Ive debated over the last two months on wether (sic) I should come out about what’s going on with me. I want to be inspirational, helpful, hopeful, and give everyone hope. So two months ago the cancer took a turn for the worse and has spread to my liver, lungs, kidneys,and has really damaged my colon majorly. So I’ve been hospitalized again. I am still fighting but this is a lot of pain. More than any person should have to go through. Worst is laying here in my hospital room with all these leads and fluids and everything else and I’m so sad that there’s a chance that I might have to say goodbye to my love before I’m ready. I can’t walk anymore, can’t draw anymore, I’ve lost about everything that was me. And I’m ok with it cause I have my Kate. As long as I have you I promise to fight everyday and never give up. I love you baby. Funny how at the absolute worst part of my life, the most painful part, knowing just how close I am to leaving I find you. You are worth every moment of pain & suffering. I love you Kate. With all I am. Wish my luck with my surgery tomorrow. ?

See the original post here:

About 18 weeks ago, Cummings was still sounding defiant about the disease. He wrote, “I have about 4 surgeries coming up but I’m ready for them. Recovery time will be rough, estimating about two months to fully heal up, but I’m a tough son of a bitch. And to everyone that donated to my gofundme, whatever amount you donated I will double that in tattoo credit once I return from all of this surgery stuff. Jay a way of saying thanks. And if you donated and are not able to get work from me, email me with all your info (name, address, shirt size,ect.) and I’ll send you guys some of my new stuff. Shirts, my new pin-up book, and other goodies. Hopefully I’ll knock this out quick and maybe get a second shot at @spikeinkmaster I think with all the shit I e been trough the last few years I deserve it. And to @pjjuijuu and @high_noon Thank you for all that you have done for me. It would take a lifetime to repay you for your love. #fuckcancer.”

Cummings posted this photo with the GoFundMe page he created:

clint cummings

A photo Clint Cummings posted to GoFundMe. The site has raised at least $16,000. (GoFundMe)

Cummings’ bio on the Spiked channel Inkmaster show reads, “Growing up Clint was a bit of a troublemaker. His dad bought him his first tattoo machine at age 15 so he could keep himself out of trouble and do something constructive. He’s been passionate about tattooing ever since. For Clint, tattooing is the ultimate form of self-expression. Clint describes himself as someone who is aggressive and passionate and wears his emotions on his sleeve and is not afraid to “let it be known” to anyone how he feels. Clint’s not here to make friends, but to prove to the judges that he is the best tattoo artist on the show. A self-taught artist, Clint’s specializes in new school and realism tattoos, and is currently the owner of Sparrows Tattoo Company in Dallas, TX.”

The program is a competition of tattoo artists.

247 Ink Magazine mourned the loss of Cummings on Twitter.

The comment thread on Cummings’ Instagram page filled up with comments and tributes after he died. Some of them:

? I hope your free now ⭐️
Rest in Peace, brother. ???
God gave us one hell of a tattooed angel! My prayers are with you, your family, and loved ones! You will never be forgotten!!! ?Rest in Paradise Clint!
Wow rest easy man. A true inspiration
Thanks for all the good you gave to this world. May you continue that in the next.

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