Who Gets Eliminated On Tonight’s Episode of ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’?

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(Photo by: Luis Trinh/NBC)

At the start of tonight’s usual double-episode of The New Celebrity Apprentice, there are seven cast members still in the mix. Carson Kressley, Matt Iseman, Laila Ali, Lisa Leslie, Ricky Williams, Brooke Burke-Charvet and Boy George are all left to answer to Governor Swarzenegger.

The first task of the episode involved Steve Ballmer, the owner of the L.A. Clippers, and it was about creating a signature Clippers T-shirt and amping up the crowd. One team was Lisa, Boy George and Carson Kressley and they chose Lisa to be the project manager. On the other team, Ricky Williams was the project manager.

On Lisa’s team, they incorporate her rapping and Boy George singing. While Lisa is known for the WNBA, she hoped to bring something unexpected to her presentation. Both teams did seem to have the same idea of being crazy, energetic and incorporating movement into their presentations.

Ricky Williams’ team fell flat, according to Ballmer and Ballmer wasn’t a fan of them using an idea of his for their presentation. They thought he would be flattered. Ultimately, Williams admitted that they were not creative enough as a team. He also said that Laila Ali had felt under the weather and couldn’t bring as much energy as she could. Unfortunately for Williams, his team lost and this was his second loss as a project manager. Williams was ultimately sent home.

But, the episode isn’t over just yet. There’s another hour and another task, with the help of guest adviser Leeza Gibbons …

Gibbons is a previous winner from the show and now she’s asking the cast members to create a sales pitch for exercise equipment with a connection to QVC. The two project managers tonight include Brooke Burke-Charvet and Carson Kressley, both of whom are experienced with QVC. This makes it the third time that Kressley is a project manager.

On Brooke’s team, she and Ali were going to be the on-camera sellers with Iseman as the producer. Meanwhile, Leslie and Kressley had a difference in opinion when it came to who should be on-camera. Ultimately, however, Kressley stuck with Boy George and himself with Leslie as the behind-the-scenes producer. One concern that Leeza Gibbons had was that Brooke’s team had a product that was pricey and had a 1-month delivery time. Meanwhile, Kressley’s team had a price that was under $100.

Unfortunately for Kressley, his team lost and Arnold Schwarzenegger thought it was such a failure that he decided to fire two people. Both Lisa Leslie and Carson Kressley were terminated tonight.