Will Chris Kattan & Witney Carson Be Eliminated On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Tonight?

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UPDATE: Chris Kattan did indeed get sent home tonight.

Last week on Dancing With the Stars, the new celebrity cast performed their first dances of the season with their designated pro partners. For season 24, there are a ton of great dancers among the contestants, which seemed to make it more difficult for those who aren’t as light on their feet. Chris Kattan did an impression of his former A Night at the Roxbury character for his debut performance and some of the judges were confused about his “bad dancing” routine. While Kattan didn’t pull off some of the steps, his incorporating his former character’s signature bad dancing seemed to work against him. The judges had some harsh comments for the comedian, who appeared a bit hurt by their words. In the end, Kattan and his pro partner Witney Carson received the lowest score of the night, with a 17 out of 40.

See Kattan’s premiere performance below.

So, unless Witney Carson and Chris Kattan earned a ton of votes, there’s a very good chance they will be the first couple eliminated this season.