S-Town: John McLemore’s Maze [PHOTOS]

(Google Maps)

Some Internet sleuths discovered John McLemore’s maze from S-Town. The photos are on Google Maps and the maze looks pretty intricate. You can see one photo of the maze above. (To see posts that McLemore wrote online under a pseudonym, see our story here.)

This post only has spoilers through Episode 1 of S-Town, but there is a spoiler through the end of Episode 2 in the comments. So if you haven’t finished Episode 2, don’t read the comments immediately at the end of this story. 

Here’s another photo:

John told Brian Reed, host of S-Town, that he had planted the only hedge maze in the state, in the middle of a forest on his property. The maze has 64 possible solutions, but at the time it was only hip-high so you could still see over it. When the maze eventually grows taller, that will be a completely different situation and it will be very possible to get lost in it then.

Reed said when he saw the maze, he was “in awe.”

Tyler Goodson, a friend of John’s and featured in the podcast, shared a photo of the maze on Facebook:

John’s impressive maze. (Facebook/Tyler Goodson)

Here’s another stunning photo that Tyler shared on Facebook, showing John’s talent and eye for design:

(Facebook/Tyler Goodson)

Here’s a closer look at the maze on Google Maps:

(Google Maps)

And as one listener shared on Twitter, there’s an alternative view of the maze that you can see on Bing Maps:

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