Scott Disick & Bella Thorne Rumors: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Scott Disick dating


Scott Disick and Bella Thorne may be a hot new item. Just one week after the reality star was linked to Ella Ross, a new report indicates that he may have his eye on Thorne, a former Disney star. According to Entertainment Tonight, Disick was spotted having dinner with Thorne at celebrity hotspot, Catch LA.

Disick, 33, and Thorne, 19, are “getting to know each other,” according to the report. However, the Daily Mail wrote a similar story, claiming that Disick was out and about in Los Angeles this week, but that he was out with Ross, not Thorne.

People Magazine has also published a story, claiming that Disick was out with Thorne on Monday night.

“It was a real date. They were dancing together and getting cozy, but he was a total gentleman,” a source told People.

It is entirely possible that one of these publications confused one woman for the other.

Here is what you need to know:

1. The Night Didn’t End at Dinner

Scott Disick dating


Whether Disick was out with Ross or Thorne, the night didn’t end after dinner at Catch. Disick and his lady were spotted at two other locations that night and didn’t leave until well after midnight. Whomever he was with, sources say that the pair left together in his car.

“Afterwards, the pair continued their outing at celeb hot spot The Nice Guy, where they were seated at a table together for an hour, and enjoyed more food. And the night didn’t end there… Disick and Thorne later went to listen to live music performances at The Peppermint Club nearby, and left at 1:30 a.m. in Disick’s car,” Entertainment Tonight reports.

No outlets have posted pictures of Disick with a woman at any of the aforementioned places. The Daily Mail has pictures of Disick in a car and Ross walking on the street, but there hasn’t been anything published showing him out with Ross of Thorne this week.

2. Disick & His Ex, Kourtney Kardashian, Are Seeing Other People

Scott Disick dating


On the current season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, fans have been watching Disick try his hardest to win back the heart of Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of his three children. The two have been broken up for two years now, but Disick has tried to clean up his act and trade in his partying ways in hopes of reconciling with Kardashian, the woman that he says that he ultimately wants to be with.

Since their 2015 split, Disick has been linked to several women including Lina Sandberg, Ellen Robinson, and Jessica Harris, according to Who’s Dated Who. He has not made any relationship “official.”

Meanwhile, Kardashian has been seeing Younes Bendjima, but sources say that the two are just getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company.

“Kourtney and Younes are hooking up. It’s not serious yet,” a source told Entertainment Tonight.

3. Disick Is Thought to be Dating Ella Ross

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Most recently, it was reported that Disick and Ella Ross were an item. In fact, the Daily Mail reported that Disick had dinner with Ross on Monday night in Los Angeles. The site also reports that Ross was at the Peppermint Club on Tuesday night, but that she and Disick left separately. It’s entirely possible that the Daily Mail is mistaking Ross for Thorne or that the Entertainment Tonight story confused the two women.

Several other media outlets are reporting that Disick was indeed out with Thorne.

Disick and Ross were first linked a few weeks ago. Just last week, TMZ reported that Ross was picked up by Disick’s driver after a night out in Los Angeles.

4. Thorne Was Linked to Basketball Star Chandler Parsons

Scott Disick dating


Thorne and Parsons were linked for a very short time earlier this year. According to Who’s Dated Who, it appears as though they only dated for about 10 days. She dated Tyler Posey and has also been linked to Attention singer, Charlie Puth.

The site also reports that Thorne was engaged to British actor Gregg Sulkin. The two split in 2016.

Over the past year or so, Thorne has been ridiculed by people online, accused of moving from one guy to the next.

I was getting death threats for a hot minute because they thought I had cheated on my ex, which is a total lie. When I woke up that morning — it f***ing sucks. It doesn’t feel good to think that everybody in the world just thinks you’re an absolutely disgusting person and just because I’m somebody where people know my name, it’s so much worse for me,” she previously said, according to the Daily Mail.

5. Thorne Posted on Snapchat That Night, Disick Didn’t Make an Appearance

Scott Disick dating


After her alleged night out with Disick, Thorne posted on Snapchat. The still photo showed the actress sticking her tongue out. She was wearing a septum ring, which has recently been made popular by Kim Kardashian. Thorne didn’t post anything involving Disick or any videos that showed her out with him.

Neither Disick nor Thorne have spoken out about the rumors that they went out on a date this week.

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