Travis Scott Arrested: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Travis Scott arrested


Travis Scott was arrested on Saturday night, following a concert in Rogers, Arkansas, accused of “inciting a riot,” according to TMZ. Officers met Scott as soon as he got off stage and took him into custody.

Scott is known for encouraging his fans to do crazy things and it has gotten him in trouble before. After a recent incident in New York in which a Scott fan was seriously injured, a rep for the rapper released a statement about safety and said that an investigation was going to be conducted internally.

“The safety of everyone is held in the highest regard and we are currently conducting an internal investigation to ensure that this does not happen again. We are deeply concerned about the guest who was injured and intend to offer him our support,” the statement read.

Here is what you need to know about Scott’s latest arrest:

1. He Has Already Been Released from Jail & Has an Upcoming Court Date

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Scott was not forced to spend the night in jail. He was taken to the police station, booked, and released without bail.

“Law enforcement sources tell us he was booked for inciting a riot, endangering welfare of a minor and disorderly conduct,” reports TMZ.

He will have to return to Arkansas as a later date to face the charges brought against him.

On Sunday, May 14, just before 4 p.m., the Rogers Police Department posted the following on their Facebook page.

“On May [13], 2017, Jaques Webster, aka Travis Scott, was arrested by the Rogers Police Department after his performance at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion (AMP). During the concert Webster encouraged people to rush the stage and bypass the security protocols to ensure concert goer safety. During the rush to the stage several people were injured, including an employee from the security company hired to help monitor and control the crowd, and a member of the police departmentThe injured subjects were treated at the AMP by members of the Rogers Fire Department and Mercy Medical. Webster was charged with Inciting a Riot, Disorderly Conduct, and Endangering the Welfare of a Minor. Webster was transported to the Benton County Sheriffs Office.”

2. Videos of the Concert Shows Fans Getting Crazy & They Love It

Travis Scott arrested


A few fans have posted videos from Saturday night’s show. Check out the one from Instagram below.

For those who have never been to a Travis Scott concert, fans will be the first people to tell you that it is absolutely crazy. In 2015, one fan took to Reddit to post about his experience. His sentiments sum up just about everything you can expect if you have tickets to an upcoming show.

“It was a crazy experience from beginning until end… Mosh pits. Tons of crowd surfing. Of course security was there so you know Travis Scott said ‘[F*ck] the security!’ … In conclusion, most intense concert I’ve ever been too. Left the concert jeans and shirts drenched in sweat. Energy drained from my [expletive] body. It’s an experience, you should try it,” wrote trapkingxo.

The same fan gave future concert-goers a few pieces of advice as well.

“If you ever go see Travis Scott don’t rush to the front. Please take it from me you will get crushed against the rail/barricade from people trying to make to the front. Also other people will try to get in front of you even though you may be in the closest space possible. Stay in the middle. Crowd surf. Mosh pit. Whatever,” he wrote.

3. This Isn’t the First Time He’s Been Arrested for This Sort of Thing

Travis Scott arrested


Back in 2015, Scott was arrested for something very similar during his performance at Lollapalooza in Chicago, according to TMZ. He got on stage in front of a crowd of approximately 100,000 and told fans to ignore security and rush the stage. Police weren’t having any part of that so they stopped Scott one song into his set and arrested him. He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Earlier this month, Scott encouraged fans at his show at Terminal 5 in New York to jump from the balcony into the mosh pit that had formed below.

One fan on the third balcony decided to jump, but it was later made clear that Scott didn’t incite fans up that high to jump. While the rapper is known for getting fans hyped, the claims that he wanted fans that high up to jump down were debunked and it turned out that the kid who jumped did so without being egged on by Scott.

“Travis famously encourages fans to stage dive, but his position is that there’s a fundamental difference between the 2nd and 3rd floor balcony. He told fans to form a net before encouraging fans on the 2nd story to leap, but never suggested the 3rd story was safe,” reported TMZ at the time.

Despite the craziness, no one was arrested by NYPD.

4. His Girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, Wasn’t at the Show

Travis Scott arrested


Kylie Jenner has been spending a great deal of time with her new boyfriend lately, but she was not at his show in Arkansas last night. It’s not unusual to see Jenner watching her man on stage and she has been a huge support to him since the two started dating last month. Jenner was at Coachella, watching Scott’s set and has also been seen at his other shows over the past few weeks.

Coachella marked the first time that the couple was spotted out together.

“Kylie and Travis made their way to a private table, where they were joined by friends and enjoyed the deejay. After five minutes of being in a very crowded space, Travis got up and left the table, and Kylie followed him out with her friends following close behind her,” a source told People Magazine at the time.

5. #FreeTravisScott Is Already a Thing on Social Media

Travis Scott arrested


Scott is already a free man but fans have been quick to tweet #FreeTravisScott in an effort to show their support. Someone has already claimed the Twitter handle @FreeTravisScott. No tweets have been sent out yet, however.

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Even his tour photographer, Ray, got in on the #FreeTravisScott action, posting the following on Instagram a couple of hours ago.

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????? #freetravisscott #freetravisscott #freetravisscott

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