WATCH: Barack Obama Suggests Beyonce Is Having Twin Girls

Did Barack Obama just reveal that Beyonce is expecting twin girls?

The video above shows the former POTUS congratulating Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z, for being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. However, the video also gives Beyonce and Jay Z fans more than they expected. Based on Obama’s message, it appears as though the power couple will soon be parents of three daughters.

“Jay and I are also fools for our daughters, although he’s gonna have me beat once those 2 twins show up,” Obama says in the video.

It is unclear when the video was recorded, but the “BeyHive” is buzzing after seeing it. For starters, many believe that Obama’s message claiming that Jay Z will “have [him] beat” in the daughters game suggests that the couple will be welcoming twin girls. The couple would need to be parents of three girls in order to “beat” the Obamas, who are parents to two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

The video also suggests that Beyonce has not given birth yet, despite the rumors you might be hearing about on social media. Those rumors are heavily based on the fact that Beyonce hasn’t posted to social media since May 30. In addition, there have been rumors of a hospital floor in Los Angeles being “shut down” for no “apparent” reason. The Instagram post below received quite a bit of attention a couple of days ago.

Fans have been trying to guess Beyonce’s due date ever since she announced her pregnancy back in February. Many believe that Bey was at least three, if not four months, along when she made the announcement, which would put her due date in early July. However, she is having twins and this is her second pregnancy, so a mid-June arrival wouldn’t be the least bit surprising.

Fans have also been looking deep into Beyonce’s Instagram account, trying to find clues about the twins. Many have been convinced that she was having a boy and a girl, just based on the mixes of blues, pinks, purples, and greens that she has been wearing.

At this point, nothing about the arrival of the new Carter twins has been confirmed. The BeyHive will just have to wait for the big announcement, which could be any day now.