Robin Twist, Harry Styles’ Stepfather: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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Robin Twist, the stepfather of famous pop singer Harry Styles, has died. In a report made by TMZ, it is said that Twist died on Tuesday, June 20th, after a battle with cancer. Twist was 57. Hollywood Life adds that Twist was in good spirits earlier this month, and was known by friends and family for his “fun and friendly nature.”

To learn more about Twist, his life, and his relationship with Harry Styles, here are five fast facts you need to know.

1. He Married Styles’ Mother Anne Cox in 2013

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Twist married Styles’ mother Anne Cox in 2013. According to the Daily Mail, the couple were wed in the small town of Congleton in Cheshire, where Styles served as the best man. A source claimed that Styles “couldn’t stop smiling” during the wedding, and “he sipped champagne and chatted to everyone” that was in attendance.

And though Twist was only married to Cox for four years, the couple had a lengthy relationship prior to the wedding, as Twist had helped raise Harry and his sister Gemma during their teenage years. Cox’s first husband, Des Styles, had divorced when the One Direction singer was only 7.

When it came time for Styles to give a speech in honor of his new stepfather, he told Daily Mail it was “the most nerve-racking thing I’ve ever done.” “I practiced on my own for days beforehand, on the sofa reciting it to myself. I tried to make it have a bit of everything.”

2. He Has 2 Children From a Previous Marriage

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Anne Cox isn’t the only one who has children from a previous marriage. Twist also had two kids from a previous marriage, Mike and Amy. Mike Twist was born on October 10th, 1985, and not much has been made public about him, as he prefers to keep out of spotlight that is regularly filled by his step siblings. Nonetheless, Famous Birthdays reports that Mike is 31 and was raised in England. He can seen alongside Harry and Twist at the 2013 wedding in the image above. Mike was one of the groomsman.

Mike joined Twitter in 2011, a fact that was highlighted by Styles giving his stepbrother a shout out: “Welcome to Twitter! Everyone follow my step-brother @mike_r_twist.” The gesture proved an impactful one for Styles’ fanbase, as Mike’s Twitter account currently has over 18 thousand followers. Twist’s daughter Amy, who also enjoys her privacy, currently appears alongside her father in his Twitter profile picture.

After learning of his death on Wednesday, Twist’s ex-wife Erica Jane Morgan paid her respects by changing her Facebook profile to a photo of her and Twist when they were still together. Check out the photo below.

3. His Step Daughter Gemma Is Also An Artist

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While Harry Styles continues to rank among the most popular musical acts in the world, Twist was very proud of Styles’ sister, Gemma Styles. Gemma, who is four years older that her brother, received a degree from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013, and has since pursued a myriad of different outlets, including artist and writer.

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According to People magazine, Gemma works as a contributing writer for the U.K.’s The Debrief, where she offers her opinions on technology and millennials, bad social media habits and online dating. She even penned an essay on what it’s like to grow up with a superstar celebrity as a younger sibling. Gemma also has a knack for fashion, as evidenced by her Tumblr site where she regularly post photos and various clothing designs for her fans.

Gemma is currently dating Michal Mlynowski. Hollywood Life reports that Twist was a huge supporter of Gemma’s interests.

4. He Had Over 220,000 Followers on Twitter

One look at Twist’s social media account, and its clear that he’s more adept at staying up-to-date than most 49 year olds. Due in large part to the influence of his stepson Harry, Twist amassed over 220,000 followers on Twitter, which he regularly updated and often used to support charity causes such as the Believe in Magic and the March On Cancer in England. His current profile photo (seen above) is of himself, his daughter Amy, and talk show host James Corden, during Styles’ weeklong stay on The Late Late Show.

Twist also has a Facebook page, though it was updated far less frequently, and only states that Twist studied at Lady Manners School in Bakewell, and later attended Mid Chesire College in Northwich, United Kingdom.

The Facebook header, as seen above, is a photoshopped image of Twist, Harry, Mike, and the rest of his groomsmen walking away from an explosion.

5. He Was Very Close to Harry Styles

As reported in the 2013 biography Harry Styles: Every Piece of Me, the singer always took a shine to Twist as a father figure. Author Louisa Jepson writes that “The couple were sensitive about Harry and Gemma’s feelings but Harry always liked Robin, calling him a very cool guy.”

The book Harry Styles: Photo-Biography also shed light on their relationship, as the singer said: “I was always asking mum if he was coming over. But she wanted to make sure Gemma and I were okay with him being. She worried a lot so I used to text him and tell him to come over.” Styles added that he was “really pleased” when Twist proposed to his mother.

This relationship was affirmed by Hollywood Life, who claim that the two always maintained a close relationship with one another throughout Styles’ career. Twist was backstage with Anne and Gemma when Styles first auditioned on The X-Factor in 2010. The singer has yet to comment on Twist’s death.

Several fans have paid their respects to Twist online, with some even saying that they hoped it was a hoax before being confirmed by Radar Online. Check out some of the most notable tweets below, including tributes from Styles’ One Direction mates Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson.

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