When Will ‘House of Cards’ Season 6 Be Released?

House of Cards Frank Underwood, House of Cards Netflix, House of Cards Frank underwood oval office

Frank Underwood on ‘House of Cards.’ (Netflix)

Netflix subscribers everywhere are currently making their way through House of Cards’ fifth season, with many already having watched all 13 episodes. Upon reaching the shocking finale, viewers immediately want to know when the next batch of episodes will be released. So when should we expect Season 6?

At this point, House of Cards Season 6 hasn’t even been ordered yet, but it is extremely likely that a renewal will occur. Back in 2015, Netflix did not announce that Season 4 had been ordered until a full month after Season 3 was released, so it would not be surprising if we don’t hear news of Season 6 until later this month or early in July.

In terms of a release date, we can probably expect House of Cards‘ sixth season to come out in the summer of 2018. No season of House of Cards has ever been released less than one year after the previous one, meaning the absolute earliest release date possible for Season 6 would be late May 2018.

But every single House of Cards season so far has come out a bit later than the last one. Season 1 was released on February 1st, Season 2 was released on February 14th, Season 3 was released on February 27th, Season 4 was released on March 4th, and Season 5 was released on May 30th. Assuming next year’s season once again comes out a bit later than this year’s season did, that would place a Season 6 release date around June or July 2018, with August being a worst case scenario.

Although no official Season 6 announcement has been made, it sounds like the House of Cards team is already working on the new batch of episodes, or at least they already have some ideas planned. In a recent interview with Deadline, Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood on the show but who also serves as an executive producer, made reference to a sixth season.

“He’s stolen all of our ideas for season six,” Wright joked, referring to President Donald Trump.

Wright also said in this interview that she and the House of Cards producers already have an ending planned, though she would not go into any more detail.

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