ANW San Antonio City Finals: Who’s Advancing to the National Finals?

San Antonio City Finals, Who's Advancing to San Antonio City Finals on American Ninja Warrior

Getty "San Antonio Finals" -- Pictured: Tremayne Dortch --

American Ninja Warrior is back tonight with the San Antonio City Finals on NBC at 8pm ET/PT.

Last week, 17 ninjas advanced from the Los Angeles City Finals to the National Finals. Tonight, well find out if Kacy Catanzaro, Brent Steffensen, and Thomas Stillings have what it takes to take on Mt. Midoriyama. Next week, August 7, American Ninja Warrior will make its way to Daytona.

Tonight, the competitors took on the Salmon Ladder, Hourglass Drop, Elevator Climb, and the new obstacle the Spinball Wizard.

*This post will be updated live with results.

No competitors completed the course this evening except for the final runner of the night, Daniel Gil.

The following will advance to the National Finals in Vegas:
1. Daniel Gil
2. Thomas Stillings
3. Nicholas Coolridge
4. Brent Steffensen
5. Karsten Williams
6. Andrew Lowes
7. Josh Salinas
8. Brian Burkhardt
9. Damir Okanovic
10. Matt Holt
11. Grant Clinton
12. Abel Gonzalez
13. Brandon Pannell
14. Class Clawson
15. Jody Avila

Top 2 Women:
16. Barclay Stockett
17. Kacy Catanzaro

The entire list of competitors included:
Abel Gonzalez from Edinburg, TX
Andrew from Lowes Spring, TX
Barclay Stockett from Dayton, TX
Blake Devine from Metaire, LA
Brandon Pannell from Wichita Falls, TX
Brent Steffensen from San Antonio, TX
Brian Burkhardt from Lubbock, TX
Brittany Hanks from Forth Worth, TX
Cass Clawson from Bell Chase, LA
Daniel Gil from Houston, TX
Damir Okanovic from Austin, TX
Grant Clinton from Cypress, TX
Jared Bandy from Weatherford, TX
Jody Avila from Sugar Land, TX
Jonathan Horton from Cypress, TX
Jonathan Parr from Austin, TX
Josh Salinas from Houston, TX
Kacy Catanzaro from San Antonio, TX
Kaiti Haymaker from Tomball, TX
Karsten Williams from Fairview, TX
Kevin Kelin from San Antonio, TX
Kenny Niemitalo from Trinity, NC
Nate Burkhalter from Houston, TX
Nicholas Coolridge from Venice, CA
Sam Ballard from Bartlesville, OK
Sherrie Laureano from Ft. Worth, TX
Tanr Ross from Katy, TX
Thomas Stillings from San Antonio, TX
Tremayne Dortch from Houston, TX
Victor Juarez from Mission, TX
Will Smitthee from Hutto, TX

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