How Many Direwolves Are in Game of Thrones?


With Nymeria making a new appearance on Game of Thrones after a long absence, fans are wondering just how many direwolves are still on the show. Are there any in addition to the Starks’ direwolves? Read on to learn which direwolves are still alive, the names of all the direwolves, which died, and their current status in Westeros.

Direwolf Theories

We first saw the direwolves in the Game of Thrones premiere, when one direwolf pup was given to each Stark child. A running theory about the direwolves is that they were “activated” because the White Walkers started to move south, and that each Stark can warg into his or her direwolf but few actually know how to do so.

During King Robert Baratheon’s reign, no direwolf was seen south of the Wall in nearly 200 years. This gives rise to a safe assumption that the Stark direwolves aren’t the only direwolves in all of Westeros. There are likely more direwolves living north of the Wall. These are simply the only direwolves that we are aware of. Besides, the mom direwolf died but there had to be a father. He might still be north of the Wall, fathering more pups.

Grey Wind the Direwolf — Deceased


Grey Wind was Rob Stark’s direwolf. He was a war dog and accompanied the Stark army to the south. He was one of the many Starks who were killed during the Red Wedding. Arya saw his head being paraded around. Grey Wind’s death was incredibly heart-wrenching.

Lady the Direwolf — Deceased


Lady was Sansa Stark’s direwolf. She was also the first direwolf to die. When Arya’s wolf cub Nymeria attacked Joffrey, she was supposed to be killed. But Arya chased Nymeria away, and Sansa’s direwolf Lady was killed in her place. Robert Baratheon ordered Lady’s death and it was a heart-wrenching scene.

Shaggydog the Direwolf — Deceased


HBOShaggydog and Rickon

Shaggydog was Rickon Stark’s direwolf. He was Rickon’s constant companion until the Umbers delivered Rickon to Ramsay Bolton. The Umbers also killed Shaggydog and gave his head to Ramsay. Eventually, Ramsay killed Rickon too, right in front of Jon Snow before the Battle of the Bastards.

Summer the Direwolf — Deceased

summer direwolf

HBOSummer the Direwolf

Summer was Bran Stark’s direwolf. Summer accompanied Bran on all his adventures until Summer was savagely killed by the White Walkers, defending his master. This was a heart-wrenching death in Season 6, and fans hope they never have to watch a direwolf die again.

Ghost the Direwolf — Alive


HBOGhost the Direwolf

Ghost is Jon Snow’s direwolf and he is still alive — and fans are very grateful. He’s an albino direwolf with red eyes. He is always by Jon’s side and, as of the end of Season 6, was the only direwolf that fans knew for certain was still alive. When the puppies were first discovered in chapter 1 of the books, Theon commented that Ghost was the runt of the litter and would likely die faster than the others. Looks like that prediction didn’t come true in any way.

Nymeria the Direwolf — Status To Be Determined



Nymeria is Arya’s direwolf. No one had seen her since she was a puppy and Arya had to chase her away in Season 1. She bit Joffrey defending Arya and her life was in danger. She came back into the spotlight when a trailer for Season 7 Episode 2 looked like Arya might be meeting an older and even fiercer Nymeria. But Arya herself isn’t sure if the wolf she saw was Arya.