‘One Night Only: Alec Baldwin’ Special Time & Channel

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Alec Baldwin is being roasted by his famous friends and family on Spike TV’s One Night Only: Alec Baldwin tribute special. Get the information on what time it airs, who is appearing on the show, what channel to watch and more below.

DATE: July 9, 2017

TIME: 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT

TV CHANNEL: Spike TV Network

LIVE STREAM: Click here to check out how to watch the special online for free, with or without cable.

CELEBRITY APPEARANCES: Celebrities who are appearing on stage at the event include Ireland Baldwin, President Bill Clinton, Tracy Morgan, Daniel Baldwin, William Baldwin, Jane Krakowski, Kate McKinnon, Robert De Niro, Julianne Moore and Jack McBrayer.

ALEC BALDWIN’S CLOSING WORDS: I’m glad all of you are here with me tonight — I assured the producers all of you wouldn’t be missing. It couldn’t have been easy for you to get here, coming all the way from obscurity. Tonight has been a pretty accurate representation of my movies: very underwhelming, but at least I was greater than them.

TRIBUTE SYNOPSIS: Join Alec Baldwin’s family & friends for an all-star comedy tribute. One Night Only: Alec Baldwin premieres Sunday …

For years, Baldwin has impressed viewers, shocked fans, and now he will be honored for his antics as well as accomplishments. One of his children, daughter Ireland Baldwin, is set to speak during the event, as are two of Baldwin’s brothers. It’s definitely a family affair this evening. Baldwin has four children in total – daughter Ireland, daughter Carmen, and sons Leonardo and Rafael. Prior to marrying wife Hilaria, Baldwin was married to actress Kim Basinger, who has been in countless movies, from Batman with Michael Keaton to, most recently, Fifth Shades Darker.


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Baldwins Trump is horribly done. It’s just an impersonation of another SNL impression. He has no originality.


Alec’s impersonation of 45 is fantastic! Many friends are Republicans and they think he’s funny too! 45 needs to grow up or many more will laugh at HIM!

J renn

WHO would be Remotely interested in this DEMORAT, only fellow DEMORATS!!

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