Why Isn’t ‘Twin Peaks’ on Tonight? When Does It Return?

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Showtime Why isn't Twin Peaks on tonight?

If you tune in to watch Twin Peaks at its regular time tonight, July 2, you might notice that it’s not airing. Instead, you’ll see an Edward Snowden movie on Showtime. So why isn’t Twin Peaks on tonight and when is it returning with Episode 9?

The next episode of Twin Peaks will air next week, July 9, at its regular time. This is because Showtime is taking a break for the Fourth of July weekend. A lot of popular series don’t take a July 4 break (Fear the Walking Dead is airing tonight, for example.) But Showtime decided it was best to take one week off from the show.

After this week, Showtime doesn’t have any more scheduled breaks in Twin Peaks. It will air every week until the finale, which airs with a two-part episode on September 3.

Although we’ll miss the show, having a week off will give fans more time to try to figure out what happened last week during the mind-bending Episode 8. (Fans are sharing theories and having a great in-depth discussion about the episode in Heavy’s story here.)

During the break, you might consider picking up a copy of Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks. Just published in October, the book plots the distant history of Twin Peaks and expands on its mythology. The book will actually give you more insight into what happened in Episode 8 and at what point the Earth actually did start having contact with the Black Lodge.

If you need a refresher on Episode 8, Showtime kindly put this video together for fans:

What are you going to do during the Twin Peaks break? Let us know in the comments below. Here’s one fan’s idea:

Help other fans decipher just what happened in Episode 8 by reading Heavy’s story below, and then sharing your interpretations in the comments: