How Many People Are Still on Arya’s List on ‘Game of Thrones’ and Why?


Arya was on her way to take out Cersei when she found out that Jon Snow was at Winterfell and had been named King of the North. So she’s taking a detour, but it’s pretty clear that she’ll be back to her kill list soon. How many people are still on her list?

Well, we all know that Cersei is headlining her list. But you might be surprised to learn that Cersei isn’t the only person left on it. In fact, there are seven people left on Arya’s list. 

Seven People Are Left on Arya’s List

The people still on Arya’s kill list are: Cersei, Ilyn Payne, Melisandre, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, The Mountain, The Hound.

Here’s why they’re on the list:


Cersei falsely accused Ned Stark of treason. She’s the reason he was executed. She’s headlining Arya’s list for a reason, but Arya might add another person or two to the list if she ever learns more about why Ned died.

Ilyn Payne

He executed Ned Stark. He’s still alive, but he hasn’t been on the show in a long time. In fact, we haven’t seen him since Season 2 in the Battle of Blackwater in 2012.  But he was mentioned in Season 4.

It’s unclear if he’ll be coming back. According to The Guardian, the actor who played him, Wilko Johnson, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013. But a year-and-a-half later, he had an intense operation that involved removing part of his stomach, his pancreas, and his spleen, and he was pronounced cancer free. This is probably why his character hasn’t been back, but maybe he’ll return before the end.


You might have forgotten that Arya wants Melisandre dead. She took Gendry away from the Brotherhood without Banners, and that was enough for Arya to add her to the list. Melisandre once said that she and Arya would see each other again. Will Arya forgive her since she resurrected Jon Snow?

Beric Dondarrion

It’s sometimes easy to forget the people who made it onto Arya’s list. Beric is the only other person that we know of, besides Jon Snow, to be resurrected. He sold Gendry to Melisandre, and that’s why Arya wants him gone.

Thoros of Myr

Here’s another surprising one. Thoros is the Red Priest who brings Beric back to life over and over. He’s on Arya’s list for selling Gendry to Melisandre.

The Mountain

The Mountain aka Gregor Clegane is on Arya’s list for raiding the Riverlands and torturing people at Harrenhal. It’s unclear if Qyburn raised him from the dead or just used crazy science to prevent him from what should have been a sure death from Oberyn’s poison.

The Hound

Yep, he’s on Arya’s list still for killing her friend Mycah, the butcher’s son. He killed Mycah on Joffrey’s orders in Season One. Since then, he and Arya went on a journey together, and Arya left him for dead after Brienne beat the Hound in a battle. It’s unclear if Arya will actually try to kill him if she finds out he’s alive, since they learned to get along the last time they were together (aside from her leaving him for dead and all.)

People Who Were on Arya’s List and Are Now Dead

Quite a few people who were on Arya’s list are now dead, and many of them died by her hands. Here’s who she no longer needs to kill.


Polliver sold her sword, Needle, and killed her friend Lommy. Arya stabbed him in the throat with Needle, with help from the Hound.


Arya wasn’t the only one who wanted Joffrey dead, and she didn’t kill him. He was on her list for ordering Ned Stark’s execution. He was poisoned by Olenna.


Rorge threatened to rape Arya and tortured people at Harrenhal, so he got a place on he rlist. He’s dead, after Arya killed him when he attacked her and the Hound.


He was on Arya’s list for masterminding the Red Wedding, but he was killed by Tyrion, not Arya.

Meryn Trant

Meryn was on Arya’s list for killing Syrio Forel, her dancing instructor. He was Number One on her list. She stabbed and killed him at a brothel in Braavos. Some thought that her dance instructor was going to be Jaqen, only under a different face, but that was never revealed to be the case.

Walder Frey

Arya’s most recent kill, she slit his throat in the beginning of this season as vengeance for the Red Wedding.

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