‘Twin Peaks’ Episode 13: What Time & Channel Does It Air Tonight?


We’re already on Episode 13 of Twin Peaks, with only five episodes left in the new season that we waited 25 years for. That’s sad, but the show is definitely keeping us entertained. However, if you tune in to watch Twin Peaks tonight at its regular time, you might be in for a surprise. After 12 episodes, Showtime has moved Twin Peaks to a new time. It’s now airing an hour earlier, at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central.) That means that if you tune in at the regular time, you might have missed it.

Read on below for more details about tonight and how to watch the episode. Showtime will air a total of 18 episodes of Twin Peaks this season.

DATE: Tonight, Sunday, August 6,  2017

PREMIERE AIR TIME: 8:00 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central). The episode will air for one hour.

TV CHANNEL: Showtime — To find what channel Showtime is on for you, click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then change the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your local provider. You’ll be able to scroll down to see what channel Showtime is on for you.

LIVE STREAM: To watch the episode via live stream, see Heavy’s story here.

Why did the episode change its air time? 

We’re not exactly sure why Twin Peaks is airing at an all new time now, but we have some theories. The show did try to let its fans know on Twitter that this was happening:

Showtime didn’t specifically give a reason for the change. After Twin Peaks, the show Ray Donovan will be starting its new season, followed by a new episode of I’m Dying Up Here. So it’s possible the time was changed to accommodate these shows.

However, there’s also another possible reason. Game of Thrones just started airing on HBO at the exact same time as Twin Peaks. It’s very likely that Showtime simply didn’t want to compete with the Game of Thrones juggernaut and decided to move the show’s time to an hour earlier. That’s probably a really smart decision, especially if they’re wanting people to watch the show live.

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