Did You Like the ‘Twin Peaks’ Finale? [POLL]

Showtime Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks.

And here we are. After more than 25 years of waiting, Twin Peaks returned for 18 thought-provoking episodes. And now it’s over. But fans aren’t sure how to react to that.

We certainly didn’t get the ending we were expecting. But with David Lynch, it’s pretty much a steadfast rule that you should expect the unexpected. But did we expect something that unexpected?

Part 17 was a beautiful resolution. It was everything fans had hoped for. And then Part 18 happened. And now we’re not sure how to react. It would be perfect if it was a season finale and we knew that Season 4 was happening. But at this point, Season 4 isn’t planned (although Showtime appears open to a new season if David Lynch wants it.)

When viewed as a series finale, it’s more unclear how to feel about it. We were left with a lot of unanswered questions. What exactly has happened to Cooper and Laura Palmer? Is he in a different universe? A different timeline? A dream? And while we’re talking about dreams, what’s going on with Audrey? And did we always know that Cooper and Diane were in love? Because 25 years ago, it sure seemed like his head was turned by other females, and he and Diane had more of a platonic relationship — close, but not romantic.

At this point, our feelings are pretty much all mixed up and we’re really not sure what’s up or down. Or for that matter, what’s future and what’s past. So while you’re trying to figure it all out, grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie and take this poll.