Midnight, Texas Season 2: Is It Returning, Renewed or Canceled?



The new NBC show Midnight, Texas just aired its finale, and fans are already wondering when they can see a Season 2. The series is based by the popular books written by Charlaine Harris, who also wrote True Blood. But the show hasn’t yet reached the audience that True Blood has, which is why renewal is still up in the air.

Many times, shows are renewed before the season ends, so fans can get excited about next year’s return. But fans were left with questions when Midnight, Texas ended.

The show premiered with 3.6 million viewers, which isn’t bad for a summer series premiere. And it didn’t lose too much after that, with a finale of 3.4 million viewers. This might not be great for a fall or spring series, but it could be enough for a summer series to get renewed.

Some fans might be worried because of how the episodes were rescheduled by NBC as it reached the end of the season. A  Monday and Tuesday night event was changed to Monday and Wednesday — but this was because of a hurricane telethon, so it may not have been lack of interest by NBC.

According to TV Line, a Season 2 for Midnight, Texas is a safe bet. This might be because NBC has renewed shows with smaller viewings than Midnight‘s, and the show has a vocal fan base that is encouraging its renewal.

The show’s producers certainly want a second season. A new company introduced in the plot mirrors a theme in the second book in the Midnight series, which gives us hope for second season. If it does come back, you’ll likely see it return in summer 2018.

But NBC execs have not given us any hints about whether the show will be renewed or cancelled. So at this point, all we can do is wait.

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