POLL: Do You Like the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Opening Sequence Video?
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POLL: Do You Like the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Opening Sequence Video?

Star Trek: Discovery has a beautiful opening sequence, but it’s very different from what you might have expected. Watch the opening sequence above. Then scroll to the end of this article and take the poll, letting us know what you thought about the new opening sequence. 

We’ve been waiting a long time for Star Trek to return to television — since May 2005 to be exact. And now it’s finally here.

But will fans like the unusual intro sequence?

It has the familiar Star Trek music with a slightly different take. But instead of a “boldly go where no one has gone before” voiceover, we simply hear music that sounds similar to the opening, accompanied by unique graphics that show the ship, phasers, Vulcan hands, other ships in the universe, and more.

It’s a unique and daring intro. But will Star Trek fans like the change? It may take some time to grow on some fans, while others may take to the new opening sequence right away. It’s definitely not what fans will be expecting, but it also sets the series apart, immediately letting us know that this series will be dramatic and new and perhaps nothing like what we’ve seen before on Star Trek TV.

Now that you’ve seen the intro, let us know your thoughts in the poll below.

Read more about the new series below.

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1 Comment

Joshua Lee

I dislike the poll’s choices for response. I really liked the intro’s visuals, but would have gone with a darker more aggressive theme music.

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