‘Twin Peaks’ Finale: What Time & Channel Does It Air Tonight?


It’s hard to believe that Twin Peaks is actually ending. After waiting 25 years for the series to return, we’re already going to have to say goodbye. Last week’s episode, Part 16, was probably the best episode in the entire series. We finally got the real Agent Cooper back. And now we’re going to lose him all over again. We also got to see a crazy reveal about Audrey, and fans are still trying to figure out exactly what it means. And Mr. C was perfectly fine with sacrificing his own son so he could live (but after all the things his son has done, fans weren’t too upset to see him go.) We also got a crazy reveal about Diane, realizing that she’s been a “Dougie” type this entire time. The two hour finale begins tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central.)

Read on below for more details about tonight and how to watch the episode.

FINALE AIR TIME: 8:00 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central). The finale is two hours long, with Parts 17 and 18 airing back-to-back.

TV CHANNEL: Showtime — To find what channel Showtime is on for you, click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then change the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your local provider. You’ll be able to scroll down to see what channel Showtime is on for you.

Before the show begins tonight, read more about Twin Peaks below: