Top 5 Trunk-or-Treat Ideas for Halloween 2017

At some point in the mid-90’s the phenomenon known as hosting a Trunk-or-Treat took shape, piggy-backing off of popular fall festivals. The idea was simple. You park some cars in a closed-off area, pop your trunk, fill said trunk with candy and then sit back and watch as your children and others recreate the magic of trick-or-treating in a controlled environment. Gone are concerns about your children roaming the streets of your town at night, at the mercy of darkness and strangers, and in it’s place, the warm reassurance of knowing your child is safe.

Since it’s inception Trunk-or-Treating has steadily gained in popularity. Churches host them, schools host them, any organization with access to a decent size parking lot hosts them. Also known as Halloween tailgating, the events are usually held in the late afternoon on Halloween, although depending on when Halloween falls, they can start to pop up the weekend before. With Halloween 2017 coming on a Tuesday this year, it’d be wise to expect one or two Trunk-or-Treats to be going down in your town this weekend. It would also be wise to start preparing now.

As with anything, the Trunk-or-Treat has evolved into something more than just a handful of cars with open trunks and candy for a few children. Now those cars are decorated and of course, themes are involved. So yes, if you’re planning on attending a Trunk-or-Treat, you best get cracking on design ideas.

Here are some of the best ones we’ve found so far.

The Starbucks Trunk

Although it’d be wise to be careful with this one. Might be best to have some coffee on hand in case you get a confused parent in need of caffeine who due to lack of sleep, thinks you are in actual Starbucks. This isn’t a joke. I’m serious.

The Trunk Drive-In Movie Theater

You get bonus points if you supply the cars.

The College Gameday Trunk

This one could be tough to pull off if you are rocking a Toyota Corolla. I believe in you though.

The Obligatory Frozen-themed trunk

You know there’s going to be at least one of them, might as well make your trunk stand out.

The Finding Nemo/Finding Dory Trunk

Pro tip: get one of these. Actually, you might need two.

Of course if you’re struggling, there’s always Pinterest.

Good luck!




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