Who Is the Dog in ‘Switched for Christmas’ on Hallmark?

Crown Media Starring Happy the Dog!

One of the biggest stars on tonight’s Hallmark movie, Switched for Christmas, is the adorable white dog who appears in the movie. But who is the dog? You’ll be happy to know that the pup is a regular on Hallmark movies. The dog on Switched for Christmas is Happy the Dog. 

Happy the Dog has been a favorite of fans on Hallmark. He’s a two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix founded abandoned in the streets of Los Angeles in 2015. He was about nine months old at the time and very emaciated from living alone, scrounging for food. (Now, his family guesses his birthday is April 1, 2015.) He was adopted by the Hallmark Channel’s CEO, Bill Abbott.

Now Hallmark says that Happy is the Ambassador of Pawsitivity. He stars in the Kitten Bowl and has recently branched out into movies too. Tonight he’s on Switched for Christmas, but you can also see Happy the Dog on Love at the Shore, which aired in the summer of 2017.

Happy isn’t Bill Abbott’s only famous pet. Abbott also adopted an orange male tabby from a shelter in Ohio. The cat had been in the shelter for two years before Abbott found him. His cat is now known as Happy the Cat and he also has starred in Hallmark movies. Together they’re known as Happy the Cat and Happy the Dog. They live on a two acre horse ranch and have other friends, including dogs, cats, a horse, a goat, and a chicken.

Happy the Dog is also a therapy dog and visits children at Ronald McDonald House in LA.

According to his Hallmark bio, Happy’s favorite things to do are curl up by a fire for a nap, play fetch, get scratches on his head, take naps in the sun, cuddle during rainy days, and learn new tricks.

Here are some more photos of Happy:

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