Kayla Jo Renihan on Floribama Shore Is Married & Pregnant

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Jeremiah Buoni starts to fall for a girl who is a few years older than he is on Floribama Shore. When Kayla Jo and Jeremiah hit it off at a nightspot, a jealous roommate of Jeremiah’s wages war against the girl. Roommate Nilsa has a crush on Jeremiah and was not interested in getting to know a girl who might be a love interest of his. But, on tonight’s episode of the show, there is a major focus on Kayla Jo after she told cast members Kortni Gilson, Jeremiah, and Gus Smyrnios that she is Wiccan. Kayla Jo revealed, “I’m Wiccan, which means that I practice the White Light … It means that you believe in a higher spirit besides God.” Her admission was met with a bit of confusion, but Kortni then commented that, “Kayla Jo is a modern-day version of a witch. Maybe she can work her little magic on Jeremiah and make him fall in love?” A couple of the other roommates in the house are not fans of Kayla Jo for several different reasons. When Kayla Jo made herself at home, waking up some of the cast members while she decided to make omelettes for breakfast, it did not sit well with cast member Kirk Medas. Another issue Kirk had with her was that she would mispronounce his name. According to Life And Style Mag, Kirk vented, “Why is she here, like, thinking this is, like, her house? Like, waking me up early? Getting my name wrong in my house? It’s too early for this. I’m not a morning person.” Cast member Candace Rice also commented that Kayla Jo was making herself a little too comfortable in the house.

So, what’s going on with Jeremiah and Kayla Jo today? According to Jeremiah, they still speak, but the drama on the show took its toll on their connection. Jeremiah explained to Life And Style that, “Unfortunately, things with Kayla Jo — we’re still talking, but I feel like the whole situation kind of put a damper on things. You’re going to have to stay tuned!” So, what could the “whole situation” be? According to The Morning Breath’s Instagram page, Kayla Jo is actually married and is currently pregnant. The below screenshot was posted on December 6, 2017.

And, apparently Kayla Jo already has one child (or her new husband has one from a previous relationship), as she wrote in an Instagram post, “Falling’ in love with our Family of Four … Peyton can’t wait for his new sister, Reese Blair Renihan.” According to a Reddit user, The Morning Breath podcast was sent screenshots of Kayla Jo’s Instagram photos, but there was no date included in when the pics were posted. User self.Floribama wrote, “On the Morning Breath podcast/morning show today the hosts revealed that a listener sent them screen shots from Kayla Jo’s private Instagram account of a photo from her wedding. They also took a screen shot of her profile and that shows that Gus and Jeremiah both follow her. The screenshots don’t include the date the photos were posted, but still! If they filmed the show during the summer, then she had to be at least dating the guy she married during the summer, or else she met him and got married within a few months. He is wearing a uniform in the photo and some military weddings do happen really fast, but still!”

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