Did ‘Bachelor’ Arie Luyendyk Spoil the 2018 Winner?

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Photo Credit: ABC - Lou Rocco

Let’s get started with a giant warning. STOP READING NOW if you do NOT want to know who the reported winner for The Bachelor 2018 is or if you do NOT want to know any spoilers about the rest of season 22. With that said, let’s talk about the news that star Arie Luyendyk may have spoiled his own show’s winner, as reported by Wetpaint.

Previously, Reality Steve reported that contestant Becca Kufrin is this season’s winner on The Bachelor. Fans know her so far as the girl who got Luyendyk down on one knee during the limo arrivals. She also got the first solo date this season, which was one of the most Pretty Woman-like dates ever. And, after their solo date was shown on TV, Luyendyk posted the following message about his impression of Kufrin in his People blog. Luyendyk wrote, “From the moment I met Becca K., I knew she was really sincere about being on this journey … She stood out as someone I could be myself around. To me, that’s so important in a relationship. It didn’t hurt that she is also stunningly beautiful.”

Luyendyk then dished on his first date with Kufrin, saying that, “For our first date, I really wanted to spoil Becca K. She seemed so humble and gracious and kind and that made me want to treat her like she’s never been treated before … I may have given her some dresses and some Louboutins, but I’ll always feel like what she gave me was so much more valuable.”

So, how did Luyendyk spoil the winner? Reality Steve posted a photo put up online by Luyendyk and one posted by Kufrin that appeared to show the exact same backyard. The photos were posted hours apart and Reality Steve insists that, “Clearly they are hanging out in the same backyard and this is one of their approved ABC “safe house” visits, or, “happy couple” visits as they’re referred to. Of course Becca tried to be tricky by putting a location of Fort Myers, FL on there, but that means nothing. She wasn’t in Fort Myers, FL and I don’t know why she thought anyone would believe she was. It’s clear they were together in LA and they spoiled it themselves, only confirming the spoiler I gave you. And oh yeah, both of them deleted those pictures from their IG story within hours of it getting out.”

In addition, another photo, which shows a group of people, including Luyendyk, was posted by one of his female friends, Kristina Hegger. Reality Steve stated that a girl in the photo, whose face is covered, is Kufrin. He also reported that the photo has since been deleted.

When talking about his “future wife” to Hollywood Life, Luyendyk dished that, “There were a lot of times, when I was just wrapped up in the moment [while filming], and I had to kind of take myself back and think, ‘Okay. Let me think about how this relationship would be in real life, outside of all this, back at home, and if it could work.’ I think that’s the most important part.”