‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Review: Beautifully Dark and Still Binge-Worthy

Netflix Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2 is releasing on March 8, and Heavy was able to watch the first five episodes early. And I can attest that fans definitely won’t be disappointed with this season. Read on for a mostly spoiler-free review. There will be just a few minor spoilers, but nothing major will be revealed.

Jessica Jones Season 1 had a beautifully dark tone that actually seems to be an even better fit for society now than it was when first released. And Season 2 continues to deliver that tone, from the very first punch we see in Episode 1. Even without Kilgrave as the lead villain, the first five episodes still draw you in and keep you coming back for more. But I must admit, I do miss Kilgrave. His shadow is ever-present in the storyline and his memory still haunts Jessica. So even if he’s not there, he’s still there. But fans who are concerned that his absence might hurt the show do have a reason for concern. No one can fill David Tennant’s shoes, and you’ll definitely notice his absence. But the other characters do rise to the occasion and provide a deep, intriguing storyline, even if it’s not as gut-wrenching as Tennant’s.


This season does have a new villain and a new mystery to solve. It would be unfair to compare the villain to Kilgrave — who could live up to Tennant’s character? But the storyline is intriguing, and you’ll definitely want to keep tuning in to find out the latest twists and turns. We’ll also see the return of some other interesting characters.


Jeri Hogarth is back, with a fascinating story of her own. At one point you may find yourself wondering: “Why are we spending so much time on Jeri?” Well, don’t worry about that too much. Her story will pay off, and although she feels mostly separate from Jessica’s storyline at first, the two plots will ultimately intertwine in a meaningful way.

Jessica also gets a new super, Oscar (J.R. Ramirez) who comes with a son who is pretty delightful. I’m not always a fan of children on sci-fi or fantasy shows (I’m looking at you Zak-from-The-Strain), but there’s nothing to dislike about Oscar’s kid.


Trish is back too, and her storyline is absolutely perfect for a #MeToo society, even though it was written before the movement began. Malcolm is also back, and he provides the perfect contrast for Jessica. I’m glad to see his story growing in Season 2.

The first five episodes of Jessica Jones are intriguing, even if they don’t carry quite the same “heft” as Season 1. We’re not building up to a big showdown with Kilgrave, but we are uncovering a mystery that could shed a lot of light on Jessica’s story. The darkness mixed with cynical humor is still there, and the characters have just as much depth as they did in Season 1. You may need a little more patience to get through some of the episodes, but the storyline will still leave you tempted to keep binge-watching through all 13 episodes. It looks like we’re heading toward a big payoff, and I for one can’t wait to see how everything turns out.