Tessa Virtue: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Today, Olympic gold medal ice skating duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir will appear on Ellen. Tessa, 28, was born in London, Ontario, Canada. She’s been skating since she was little, and recently became the 2018 Olympic Champion with skating partner Scott Moir.

For years, fans of the duo have denied being in a romantic relationship, despite fans insistence that their chemistry means there must be something more to their friendship. The two will talk about their relationship, personal lives, and experience at Sochi, during their interview with DeGeneres.

Here’s what you should know about her:

1. She Is the Youngest of Four Children

Tessa was born in Canada and grew up the youngest of four children. At age 9, she passed up the opportunity to attend the National Ballet for devote her life to skating.

Virtue and Moir were raised in the same neighborhood in Ontario. According to The Globe and Mail, when Virtue was 20 and Moir was 22, they became the youngest ice-dancing pair in history to win a gold medal.

The two have documented their experiences together in the book Tessa & Scott, Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold.

2. She Studied Psychology at the University of Windsor

Virtue studied psychology part-time the University of Windsor beginning in 2007. In an interview with Macleans, she said, “I love getting away from the rink and being in school. I’m aiming for a psych undergrad….”

In a 2012 interview with Reuters, Virtue opened up about her skating career, and passions outside of the sport. She revealed that she hopes to live in France one day, and continue her education. “School’s always been very important to me. I’d love to study abroad. I really want to learn French so I think it would be great to go and live in France and maybe learn the language for a few months.”

She adds on, ““Long-term I would love to go to law school. So those are goals of mine and it’s exciting looking ahead to some of those chances.”

3. Their Chemistry Has Led Fans to Question Whether They’re in a Relationship

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Virtue and Moir began skating together in 1997. Together, the pair is the 2010 and 2018 Olympic Champions, the 2014 Silver Medalist, three-time World Champion, and three-time Four Continents Champion.

In an interview with Hello Magazine, Virtue was asked how she and Scott have such great chemistry on the ice. She says, “The chemistry and connection Scott and I share on the ice stems from a shared love of movement, musicality and storytelling. Off the ice, we are so incredibly different! That said, we have immense respect for one another, and always end up in laughing fits.”

While they’re chemistry is certainly undeniable, the two are not dating. DeGeneres didn’t wait long before posing the question, and Virtue said they were not. She added, “It’s a compliment… that people feel invested in our partnership that is truly remarkable.”

Ellen even made a game called “The Definitely Not Dating Game” for the pair. Even though they’re not dating, the two clearly know one another well.

4. She’s a Two-Time Olympic Medallist and Three-Time World Champion

Virtue is a three-time Olympic medalist and three-time world champion. Her path to the gold, however, has not been an easy one.

In October 2010, Tessa had surgery to “reduce the pain and pressure associated with chronic exertion compartment syndrome”. She and Moir subsequently took some time off from skating. Asked how she was feeling after the surgery, Tessa admitted, ” Relieved, more than anything, because finally there’s an answer to the pain I’ve been experiencing. For years it was, “Oh, skate through it,” or, “Work on your breathing to get more oxygen to your shins.” We were actually planning on skating this season, and it’s funny because mentally I was really blocking out the pain, not admitting it to myself. It wasn’t until I met the new team doctor at our national team skating camp and she suggested I do some follow-up testing in Edmonton that we realized surgery was even an option. We considered, briefly, postponing it until after the season, but whenever we take the ice we always want to be at our best, and I think the last two years, training in that pain, I haven’t felt that.”

Virtue had a similar surgery in 2008; that time, doctors were focusing on her shins, whereas the 2010 surgery focused on her calves.

5. She Trains Up to Six Hours A Day

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In an interview with Hello Magazine, Tessa reveals that she typically trains four hours of day on the ice, two hours in the gym, and has one hour of a treatment like osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, or facial stretch therapy.

As for her diet, she admits she works with a nutritionist and naturopath. “My focus is on protein, lots of vegetables, and proper nutrients at key times. I try not to deprive myself too much — it’s about moderation.” Her guilty pleasure? Lemon meringue pie.