‘This Is Us’: When Will the Show Return for Season 3?

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NBC Episode 218 -- Pictured: (l-r) Chris Sullivan as Toby, Chrissy Metz as Kate

Tonight, the second season of everyone’s favorite NBC series, This Is Us, will come to an end. The show was such a hit in its debut season that it was renewed for both a second and third season at the same time back in January.

Season 1 premiered on September 20, 2016, while season two premiered September 26, 2016. So, we can expect Season 3 of the hit drama to debut around the same time this year. Jennifer Salke, NBC Entertainment President, has hinted that there’s likely more to come after a third season. “There’s no doubt [This Is Us] will have a long life on NBC”.

The good news is that while we now know how Jack died, this isn’t the end for actor Milo Ventimiglia. In an interview with EW, series creator Dan Fogelman said, “In many ways, Jack might be the character we still have the most to learn about, because he’s kept so many secrets in this period before we’ve really known him.”

Speaking to People earlier this month, Sterling K. Brown opened up about his own personal storyline and how it will progress on season 3. Brown revealed that his relationship with Beth will be a center point of his character arc. “There will be a bit of an exploration of marriage with regards to Randall and Beth going through times that aren’t all sunshine and rainbows,” Brown revealed. “And that’s not to say that they are in danger of parting ways, but marriage is real and takes work.”

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The This Is Us cast recently attended SXSW to talk about this season and the future of the show. Moore admitted that she hopes to do a duet with a duet with Chrissy Metz in the future, so that could be on the table for season 3, as well.

In the trailer for tonight’s season finale, fans see an older version of Jack, which has triggered curiosity, seeing as we know he’s dead by now. Ventimiglia told ET this week, “You will know why I am in aged Jack makeup… I don’t want to tease anything other than you’ve seen the photos. Just be excited and enjoy.”

Aske what it was like to get aged for three hours, (his co-star, Mandy Moore, is much more familiar with the routine), Ventimiglia said, “It’s a lot, but you can’t help but feel like you’re in your 70ish years when you’re in it… We were in between scenes and I was talking to someone and how [I was] standing, I couldn’t get out of 70-year-old Jack.”

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