‘American Idol’ 2018 Top 10 Results: Who Was Saved & Who Was Eliminated?

American Idol 2018 Top 10

Photo By: ABC - Eric McCandless

Tonight, the top 10 winners of American Idol 2018 were revealed on the results show and we have the full rundown on the episode, along with who was saved and who was eliminated. Last night, the top 14 contestants performed in hopes of moving on in the competition. Which of them made it through in the competition?

Maddie Poppe was the first contestant to receive their results tonight and host Ryan Seacrest let her know that she had made it into the top 10. That’s right. Poppe is going through and she immediately followed up the results with a performance of the song “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles. Michelle Sussett was next up to find out whether she was definitely in the top 10 or not and she took the stage in head-to-toe sequins. Sussett was not an immediate win for the top 10, so she had to perform for the judges and she decided to go with an original song called “I Am a Dreamer”. Just before singing, Sussett told the audience that she wants them all to be dreamers as well. The judges said they were so proud of Sussett and her performance.

Next up was Marcio Donaldson, who was also not immediately in the top 10. And so, he performed for the judges, singing Nick Jonas’ song “Jealous”, in hopes of being picked. Unfortunately, his performance wasn’t that well-received by judge Luke Bryan. Upon hearing the news, Donaldson became emotional.

Cade Foehner was the next contestant to be met with results on the show and he walked side-by-side with host Seacrest, up to the stage, to receive his news. Fortunately, Foehner was told that he was in the top 10. Garrett Jacobs was the next perform to find out his voting results. And America decided that he would need to perform for his rite of passage into the top 10. Jacobs decided to perform “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater. The crowd cheered for Jacobs and the judges felt it was a great song choice, though they also said it was the best that Jacobs has sounded.

After Jacobs’ set and a commercial break, Gabby Barrett was told that she was moving on and into the top 10. Celebrating her win, she performed Miranda Lambert’s song “Little Red Wagon”. Dennis Lorenzo followed Barrett’s performance, after finding out that he hadn’t made it into the top 10, based on America’s votes. With that, Lorenzo said, “It’s time to change their minds.” And so, he performed “This Woman’s Work” by Maxwell. Lorenzo killed it and the judges said that they will definitely fight for him to stay in the competition.

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In the middle of the results show, Ryan Seacrest revealed that, starting next Tuesday, all viewers will be able to tune in and vote live at the same time, across the nation. This is a first in this kind of competition show.

And next on the chopping block was … Jonny Brenns, who had to sing for a possible spot in the top 10. So, for his potentially last performance, he chose to sing “Demons” by Imagine Dragons, in an emotional set. The judges loved Brenns’ performance and said that he’s grown exponentially over the course of the competition.

Kaleb Lee Hutchinson was then revealed to be safe and moving on to the top 10. Hutchinson made his way to the main stage and performed Chris Young’s song “Gettin You Home.” Left waiting for their results backstage were Catie Turner, Michael J. Woodard, Jurnee, Mara Justine and Ada Vox. And the contestant who received her results next was Mara Justine, who had to sing for a possible spot in the top 10. For her performance, she sang “Love on the Brain.” Justine gave an expressive and emotional performance, so it’s no wonder she was met with praise from the judges. Luke Bryan said he was surprised that America hadn’t voted her through automatically to the top 10.

Next to hit the stage was Jurnee, who was told by Seacrest that she would have to sing for her chance to move on in the competition. To perform for a possible save from the judges, Jurnee chose to sing “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman, a song she previously performed on the show.

Woodard soon took the stage to celebrate moving on in the competition. Upon hearing good news, Woodard sang “Believe In Yourself” from The Wiz. And so, it was down to Turner and Ada Vox, but Turner had won America’s votes. For her performance, Turner played guitar and performed Camila Cabello’s hit song “Havana.” So, last, but surely not least, Vox was up to perform for her spot in the competition.

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During the commercial break, Seacrest said that the entire crowd was chanting Vox’s name. For her big performance, Vox decided to bring the house down with the song “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going.” All three judges stood up to applaud the powerful singer, who became very emotional. Immediately, the judges sent Vox into the top 10. There was no deliberation. Vox was in!

Jurnee was then picked to join the top 10, which meant that there were two more spots available. Michelle Sussett was the next one chosen to move forward. Only one spot was left … And, it went to Dennis Lorenzo.