Who Is Laura on ‘The Walking Dead’? What Does She Know About Dwight?

AMC Laura

A character named Laura is one of the people rumored to possibly be returning to The Walking Dead tonight. She was the only person left alive who knew that Dwight betrayed the Saviors and sided with Rick’s crew. Dwight shot her and she hasn’t been seen since. If you can’t remember what else she was up to, here is quick refresher.

Laura has been part of Negan’s group of Saviors since her first appearance in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. According to The Walking Dead wikia, she first appeared on “The Cell,” where she was playing table hockey and losing to Dwight over and over. On “Hearts Still Beating,” she was stationed at the front gate when they were visiting Alexandria and inspecting the town’s offer to them. She flirted with Spencer and then later held Rick at gunpoint so he couldn’t stop Gary and David from beating up Aaron.

She was also the first one to tell Eugene that Daryl had escaped, after they brought him to the Sanctuary. She was also the one who gave him a jar of pickles. She also forced Eugene to watch when he threw a doctor into the furnace.

She had three appearances in Season 8 before we didn’t see her again. In her last appearance, she helped Dwight and others who were stationed at Alexandria. She suspected an ambush when she saw a blockade on the road, but Dwight wouldn’t stop when she told him to. They were caught in an ambush as a result, and she watched Dwight as he shot down other Saviors. She shot Dwight in the arm and realized he was the mole they had been trying to find. She fled when Daryl, Rosita, and Tara arrived.

Laura has a long history of being a trusted advisor to Negan. She’s his muscle a lot of times and follows his orders without hesitation. She has always appeared to have total and completely loyalty to him. So if she reappears in tonight’s episode, she will likely have no worries about turning in Dwight and revealing who is truly loyal to Negan and who is not.

This is a developing story.