Adonis, Drake’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sophie Brussaux and her son Adonis.

Instagram Sophie Brussaux and her son Adonis.

Drake shocked listeners on his latest album Scorpion, as he confirmed that he does indeed have a son. The rumors pertaining to her fatherhood date back to 2017, but this is the first time that the rapper has publicly confirmed them. He refers to his son on a handful of tracks throughout the double album, and explains his reasoning for not going public with the news earlier.

The child most recently gained attention when Pusha-T released a diss song called The Story of Adidon”, which criticized Drake for being a bad father. The rapper has since responded to Pusha’s remarks, and appears to be acknowledging his responsibilities as a parent.

Here’s what you need to know about Drake’s son Adonis:

1. He Shares an October Birthday With His Father

Drake and Sophie Brussaux, the baby’s mother, were reportedly seeing one another in January 2017. Photos of the couple having dinner in Amsterdam were leaked online, and Drake even alludes to meeting someone on the song “Teenage Fever” from his playlist More Life. In May, Brussaux told TMZ that she was three and a half months pregnant with a child, which would appear to sync up with the timeline of events.

According to Bossip, Brussaux gave birth to Adonis in October, which happens to be the same month that Drake was born, and the namesake of his record label OVO (October’s Very Own).

On the song “March 14“, Drake alludes to this coincidence, rapping “October baby for irony sake, of course / I got this 11 tatted for somebody, now it’s yours / And believe me, I can’t wait to get a hundred more.” The middle bar appears to confirm that Adonis was born specifically on October 11th.

Brussaux posted a photo of her and Adonis on her Instagram a few weeks after his birth. Her personal account has since been set to private.

2. Drake Was Initially Skeptical That Adonis Was His Son

Sophie Brussaux Pregnant

Sophie Brussaux Pregnant

In addition to her claims, Brussaux told TMZ that she had text messages confirming that Drake knew about the child. You can read the alleged exchange below:

Drake: “I want you to have an abortion.”
Brussaux: “I can’t kill my baby simply to indulge you sorry.”
Drake: “Indulge me? F*** you.”
Brussaux: “What?”
Drake: “You do know what you’re doing you think you’re going to get money.”

The validity of these texts have never been confirmed.

A representative for the rapper initially denied these claims, telling TMZ that Brussaux has a “very questionable” background. “She has admitted to having multiple relationships. We understand she may have problems getting into the United States”, he said. “She’s one of many women claiming he got them pregnant. If it is in fact Drake’s child, which he does not believe, he would do the right thing by the child.”

Drake referenced the controversy on the song “Diplomatic Immunity”, where he rapped:”I got the sauce and now shorties keep claiming Preggo.” Preggo is a brand of tomato sauce, and Drake is using the play on words to address Brussaux and two other women who claimed he got them pregnant in 2017. The latter were revealed to be lying shortly after.

3. Adonis and Drake Have Reportedly Only Met Once

In the aftermath of Pusha-T’s withering diss, more details about Drake’s relationship with Adonis came to light. In contrast to Pusha’s claims that he was a “deadbeat dad”, Drake has been supporting financially Adonis since his birth. Per TMZ, the rapper has made sure both Adonis and his mother Sophie Brussaux have been living comfortably in Amsterdam.

While he was not present for the child’s birth, TMZ reports that Drake has made a point of being on hand to provide Adonis and his mother with whatever they need. He reportedly sent a jet to pick up Adonis and his mother so that they could all be together for Christmas. According to the song “March 14”, this is the only time that Drake and his son have spent time together.

“I only met you one time, introduced you to Saint Nick / I think he musta brought you like twenty gifts”, he raps. “Your mother say you growin’ so fast that they don’t even really fit / But man, you know / I still had to get it for my boy though, you know.”

Elsewhere on “March 14”, Drake alludes to the fact that he wants to spend more time with both Adonis and Brussaux. “S**t, we only met two times, two times / And both times were nothin’ like the new times”, he raps, “Now it’s rough times, I’m out here on front lines / Just tryin’ to make sure that I see him sometimes.”

4. Drake Claims That He Was Hiding His Son’s Identity for His Own Good

On Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon”, the biggest cricitism aimed at Drake was that he wasn’t publicly aknowledging his son. “A baby’s involved, it’s deeper than rap / We talkin’ character, let me keep with the facts”, he raps. “You are hiding a child, let that boy come home / Deadbeat mothaf**ka playin’ border patrol, ooh / Adonis is your son
And he deserves more than an Adidas press run.”

Drake’s response to Pusha’s criticism came on the track “Emotionless“, where he broke down his reasons for not pushing Adonis into the spotlight. “Look at the way we live”, he reasons, “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world / I was hidin’ the world from my kid / From empty souls who just wake up and looked to debate.” He goes on to say that the details of his personal life do not belong to the media, but who he chooses to share it with:

Until you starin’ at your seed, you can never relate / Breakin’ news in my life, I don’t run to the blogs / The only ones I wanna tell are the ones I can call / They always ask, “Why let the story run if it’s false?” / You know a wise man once said nothin’ at all.

5. The Song ‘March 14’ Is Dedicated to Him

As was previously mentioned, the song “March 14” is dedicated to Adonis, and Drake raps as though he’s directly speaking to him. March 14 was the day that Drake flew over to Wyoming to meet Kanye West and record music for the album ye, and some have speculated that its also the day he got back the DNA test to confirm that he was Adonis’ father. “I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe”, he raps. “That s**t is in stone, sealed and signed / She not my lover like Billie Jean, but the kid is mine.”

The last bar references the classic Michael Jackson song, where Jackson denies fathering a child with an obsessed fan.

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On the second verse, Drake speaks on the excitement that he felt when he got the DNA results. “Realize I gotta think for two now / I gotta make it, I better make it”, he spits. “I promise if I’m not dead then I’m dedicated / This the first positive DNA we ever celebrated. I can’t forget the looks on they faces / Got the news in Miami that now we all now got ones that we raisin’.”

Drake closes the song by revealing that he has plans to see Adonis soon, and that he plans to mend the troubled relationship between him and Brussaux. “They said that in two weeks you’re supposed to come in town” he says. “Hopefully by the time you hear this / Me and your mother will have come around / Instead of always cuttin’ each other down.”

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