Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas in July 2018 Schedule: How to Watch

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Are you excited about watching Hallmark Christmas movies this month? Then you don’t want to miss a moment. Here is the complete schedule for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ Christmas in July 2018 marathon. The marathon runs from June 29 to July 15, and it will conclude with a brand new Christmas movie special.

By the way, if you’re not sure what channel Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is on for you, there’s an easy way to find out. Just click here to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then change the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your local provider. You’ll be able to scroll down to see what channel Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is on for you.

Here is the complete schedule for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas in July 2018, courtesy of Crown Media. This year’s special Christmas event is called Gold Crown Christmas 2018. The times listed below are for Eastern/Central, and start out with AM times, moving on to PM times as each day progresses. Each link will take you to Hallmark’s webpage about the movie.

Saturday, June 30
1a/12c: The Christmas Shepherd
3a/2c: Finding Father Christmas
5a/4c: A Town Without Christmas
7/6c: The Town Christmas Forgot
9a/8c: Cancel Christmas
11a/10c: Magical Christmas Ornaments
1/12c: Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle
3/2c: Christmas Encore
5/4c: A Christmas to Remember
7/6c: The Christmas Secret
9/8c: A Bramble House Christmas
11/10c: Christmas With Holly

Sunday, July 1
1a/12c: Christmas in the Air
3a/2c: Hearts of Christmas
5a/4c: A Nutcracker Christmas
7a/6c: Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle
9a/8c: Lucky Christmas
11a/10c: Mistletoe Over Manhattan
1/12c: Charming Christmas
3/2c: Magic Stocking
5/4c: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
7/6c: The Christmas Note
9/8c: The Christmas Train
11/10c: Romance at Reindeer Lodge

Monday, July 2
1a/12c: A Heavenly Christmas 
3a/2c: Christmas Magic
5a/4c: Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas
7a/6c: Christmas in the Air
9a/8c: The Christmas Ornament
11a/10c: Sound of Christmas
1/12c: The Christmas Heart
3/2c: Christmas in Angel Falls
5/4c: Christmas Dance
7/6c: Angels and Ornaments
9/8c: The Perfect Christmas Present
11/10c: Christmas Homecoming

Tuesday, July 3
1a/12c: Christmas Encore
3a/2c: Love Always, Santa
5a/4c: The Christmas Blessing
7a/6c: A Song for Christmas
9a/8c: Finding Father Christmas
11a/10c: Engaging Father Christmas
1/12c: Magic Stocking
3/2c: Rocky Mountain Christmas
5/4c: A Christmas Wish
7/6c: Angel of Christmas
9/8c: A Princess for Christmas
11/10c: Hearts of Christmas

Wednesday, July 4
1a/12c: A Town Without Christmas
3a/2c: Cancel Christmas
5a/4c: Angels and Ornaments
7a/6c: Christmas Dance
9a/8c: Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow
11a/10c: Journey Back to Christmas
1/12c: A Joyous Christmas
3/2c: The Christmas Note
5/4c: Christmas Homecoming
7/6c: Operation Christmas
9/8c: Home for Christmas Day
11/10c: The Christmas Secret

Thursday, July 5
1a/12c: A Bramble House Christmas
3a/2c: Magical Christmas Ornaments
5a/4c: Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge Part 2
7a/6c: Debbie Macomber’s Call Me Mrs. Miracle
9a/8c: Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas
11a/10c: Romance at Reindeer Lodge
1/12c: A Heavenly Christmas
3/2c: A Princess for Christmas
5/4c: The Christmas Ornament
7/6c: Magic Stocking
9/8c: A Christmas to Remember
11/10c: The Christmas Train

Friday, July 6
1a/12c: Christmas in Angel Falls
3a/2c: Northpole: Open for Christmas
5a/4c: Charming Christmas
7a/6c: The Christmas Spirit
9a/8c: Our First Christmas
11a/10c: The Christmas Blessing
1/12c: Christmas Encore
3/2c: The Christmas Secret
5/4c: A Bramble House Christmas
7/6c: Finding Christmas
9/8c: Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle
11/10c: Engaging Father Christmas

Saturday, July 7
1a/12c: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
3a/2c: The Christmas Heart
5a/4c: The Christmas Pageant
7a/6c: The Christmas Note
9a/8c: Sound of Christmas
11a/10c: Christmas Dance
1/12c: Home for Christmas Day
3/2c: The Perfect Christmas Present
5/4c: A Joyous Christmas
7/6c: Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow
9/8c: Journey Back to Christmas
11/10c: Rocky Mountain Christmas

Sunday, July 8
1a/12c: Christmas Homecoming
3a/2c: The Town Christmas Forgot
5a/4c: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
7a/6c: Angel of Christmas
9a/8c: A Princess for Christmas
11a/10c: Operation Christmas
1/12c: The Christmas Ornament
3/2c: Finding Father Christmas
5/4c: Engaging Father Christmas 
7/6c: Magical Christmas Ornaments
9/8c: Christmas in Angel Falls
11/10c: Christmas in the Air

Monday, July 9
1a/12c: A Song for Christmas
3a/2c: The Christmas Blessing
5a/4c: Lucky Christmas
7a/6c: The Christmas Shepherd
9a/8c: Farewell Mr. Kringle
11a/10c: The Christmas Spirit
1/12c: The Christmas Secret
3/2c: A Heavenly Christmas
5/4c: Christmas Magic
7/6c: Rocky Mountain Christmas
9/8c: A Song for Christmas
11/10c: Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle

Tuesday, July 10
1a/12c: Romance at Reindeer Lodge
3a/2c: Debbie Macomber’s Call Me Mrs. Miracle
5a/4c: Home for Christmas Day
7a/6c: A Nutcracker Christmas
9a/8c: The Perfect Christmas Present
11a/10c: Northpole: Open for Christmas
1/12c: Christmas with Holly
3/2c: The Christmas Train
5/4c: The Christmas Pageant
7/6c: The Christmas Note
9/8c: Christmas Encore
11/10c: A Christmas to Remember

Wednesday, July 11
1a/12c: Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow
3a/2c: Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge Part 2
5a/4c: Debbie Macomber’s Call Me Mrs. Miracle
7a/6c: Sound of Christmas
9a/8c: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
11a/10c: Christmas in the Air
1/12c: A Princess for Christmas
3/2c: Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle
5/4c: Christmas in Angel Falls
7/6c: Hearts of Christmas
9/8c: A Joyous Christmas
11/10c: A Christmas Wish

Thursday, July 12
1a/12c: Charming Christmas
3a/2c: Lucky Christmas
5a/4c: Farewell Mr. Kringle
7a/6c: Christmas Magic
9a/8c: The Christmas Secret
11a/10c: The Christmas Train
1/12c: A Song for Christmas
3/2c: Rocky Mountain Christmas
5/4c: Northpole: Open for Christmas
7/6c: Journey Back to Christmas 
9/8c: Romance at Reindeer Lodge
11/10c: Finding Christmas

Friday, July 13
1a/12c: A Heavenly Christmas
3a/2c: The Christmas Shepherd
5a/4c: The Perfect Christmas Present
7a/6c: The Christmas Pageant
9a/8c: A Joyous Christmas
11a/10c: Christmas Encore
1/12c: A Bramble House Christmas
3/2c: A Christmas to Remember
5/4c: Sound of Christmas
7/6c: Finding Father Christmas
9/8c: Engaging Father Christmas
11/10c: Christmas in Angel Falls

Saturday, July 14
1a/12c: The Christmas Note
3a/2c: The Christmas Spirit
5a/4c: A Christmas Wish
7a/6c: Our First Christmas 
9a/8c: Christmas in the Air
11a/10c: Angel of Christmas
1/12c: Mistletoe Over Manhattan
3/2c: Finding Christmas
5/4c: Love Always, Santa
7/6c: A Princess for Christmas 
9/8c: Magical Christmas Ornaments
11/10c: The Christmas Train

Sunday, July 15
1a/12c: Angels and Ornaments
3a/2c: The Christmas Ornament
5a/4c: A Christmas to Remember
7a/6c: Christmas with Holly
9a/8c: A Heavenly Christmas
11a/10c: Magic Stocking
1/12c: Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle
3/2c: Christmas Homecoming
5/4c: The Christmas Secret
7/6c: A Bramble House Christmas
9/8c: Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To the Altar, A World Premiere Original

The final movie is a brand new movie: Signed, Sealed, Delivered: To the Altar. 

Crown Media

Hallmark’s synopsis for the movie reads: “When plans for Rita and Norman’s long-awaited wedding begins falling apart days before their nuptials, their challenges inspire changes that make their wedding more meaningful. Meanwhile, Shane convinces Oliver that the team should urgently focus on finding clues to deliver a package containing a wedding dress.”

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