Bow Wow Explodes on Twitter, Threatens to Give Away His Money

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Bow Wow turned heads on Monday morning when he went on a Twitter rant against his critics. The rapper and former 106 & Park host made outrageous claims that included giving away all of his money and going to work at GameStop to rebuild his happiness.

The rant seems to have begun when somebody tweeted about Bow Wow kicking them out of the club for recording him and his girl. Shortly after he responded to the tweet, Bow Wow (born Shad Moss) began attacking bloggers and gossip sites, writing: “I hate all you f**king bloggers too! Shaderoom I f**k with. All you other gossiping a*s hateful sites F**K YOU!” He continued: “SMASH OR PASS BULLS**T I WOULDN’T F**K YOU UGLY I SHOP AT LANE BRYANT B**CHES EVER! F**K YOU!”

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Bow Wow has since deleted some of his tweets, including one where he writes: “I’m seeing my therapist soon as I land…” but he did leave up the tweet where he claimed that he was going to get rid of everything he owned.

“Ima quit all this s**t,” he wrote. “Down size my home. Sale everything. And go to work at gamestop. I’d probably be the happiest man in the world. Trade my cars in and buy a PROBE.”

The rapper continued, tweeting: “Im cash apping all my money away today. So if you want some free money y’all can have it… lets see if you think money makes you happy.” At this time, its unclear how serious Bow Wow’s claims are, and whether he intends on giving away his money like he says.

Bow Wow has been open about his struggles with fame in the past. He’s spoken about anxiety and depression on Instagram, posting the message: “Sometimes i REALLY wish i never existed… I can never do S**T RIGHT EVEN WHEN IM DOING RIGHT! Im better off …..” and revealed that he contemplated suicide earlier this year. On April 24th, he tweeted out: “Feel like jumping off the balcony.”

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Bow Wow elaborated on his personal struggles.  “People don’t understand,” he said. “I done lapped the world eight times. And it’s like, me coming into the game young, and seeing so much and doing so much, sometimes I just question life. Like, damn, what else is there for me to do.”

Several fans have gone on Twitter to voice their support for the rapper. “Is it the social media bullying that gets to Bow Wow?,” asked one user. “Or the fact that we’ve never allowed his present to overshadow his past? He’s been trying to seperate [sic] himself from his old persona of “Lil Bow Wow” for YEARS, through his music & acting but we (black media) wont allow it.”

Another user added: “Pray for Bow Wow the same way you prayed for Demi Lovato ..mental illness and depression is real out here.” Check out some additional reactions and opinions below.

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