Jake & Jenna Anderson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jake Jenna Anderson, who is jake anderson married to


Deadliest Catch is one of the Discovery Channel’s top shows. It features an array of brave fisherman who risk their lives at sea, and as we all watch it all go down on our television screens, we can’t help but wonder what their personal lives are like.

Jake Anderson is the fishing captain of Saga, and he’s been part of the show since 2007. These days, he lives with his wife and family in Seattle.

Read on to learn more about Jake and Jenna Anderson and their life.

1. They Tied the Knot in 2012

Jake Jenna Anderson, who is jake anderson married to

Jenna and Jake Anderson tied the knot in 2012.

Jake has experienced many hard times in his life. In 2009, his sister passed away at age 37 from complications with pneumonia. Jake was aboard the Northwestern when he heard of her passing.

Then, in 2012, Jake’s father, Keith, vanished. He was reported missing by his family after not returning from a trip, and eventually, his remains were found one mile from where his truck had been located.

Jake has also battled various addictions. He has been very open about his struggles. In a 2012 interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jake stated that he is a recovering alcoholic. He also explained that his addiction left him homeless for two years.

2. He and His Wife Had a Pregnancy Scare

Jake Jenna Anderson, who is jake anderson married to

In May, before their child was born, Jake and Jenna– who was pregnant at the time– had a pregnancy scare.

According to Fox News, Jenna went to her doctor’s office to look at a sonogram. The doctor then told them that part of the baby’s neck was thick.

In that episode, the doctor said, “It could be… indicative of something like Down’s Syndrome.” Jake said, “God, that’s scary,” and Jenna said, “We can face whatever comes our way.”

3. They Met At a Festival When Jenna Asked Jake for an Autograph

Jake Jenna Anderson, who is jake anderson married to

According to Screener TV, Jake and Jenna met in Seattle, at a festival in Ballard. The outlet reports Jake as saying, “I was doing shipyard duty, and they had a festival going… All these people were coming up to get autographs. I had just walked out, and Jenna came up. Her family had jumped off the boat to come and get autographs from us. I autographed [to her], ‘You’re beautiful.’”

Jenna’s nieces then persuaded her to come back and give Jake her number. “She gave me her number. I was staying on the boat. I was trying to stay out of trouble, so I was living on the boat. I wasn’t going out and spending money; I was trying to save my money. She started calling me, and I started calling her, for a few weeks. We fell in love, and that was almost three years ago.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

4. Sig Officiated their Wedding

On May 11, 2012, Captain Hillstrand tweeted about Jake and Jenna’s wedding, “Yes, Sig is officiating wedding. Yes I’m hurting from bachelor party and woke up with green hair. ? yes I hope everyone has a great weekend! ;)”

Two days prior, Anderson himself tweeted, “You’ll never guess who is officiating the wedding…”

5. Jenna Spoke About Her Proposal with TLC

Jake Jenna Anderson, who is jake anderson married to

In 2012, TLC interviewed Jenna Patterson about her proposal, which took place at Waimea Canyon in Kauai.

Talking about the magic moment, Jenna said, “It was nearing sunset… and we arrived to the lookout point before dusk, up high in the clouds and no one else around. We began kissing and hugging each other, appreciating being away from the family for a moment, and he began to tell me how much he loved me and how wonderful the previous 3 years had been.”

She continued, “As he was doing this, I began shaking and praying to myself, ‘I really hope he’s about to propose.’ Before I knew it, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I screamed with excitement, saying, ‘Yes, yes, of course I will, I love you!’ I jumped on him, not even giving him the opportunity to pull out the ring.”