Jovan Brown, Kurupt’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Instagram and Getty Jovan Brown aka Gail Gotti and rapper Kurupt

Rapper Kurupt is denying some nasty accusations from his estranged wife. Jovan Brown claims that Kurupt, whose real name is Ricardo Emmanuel Brown, left her after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She also says he has refused to help pay for her medical expenses and shut off access to their business accounts. Kurupt says all of this is untrue, and argues that they’ve been living separate lives for at least 7 years.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Jovan Brown and Kurupt Are Telling Different Stories About When They Broke Up

Kurupt and Jovan Brown, who goes by the stage name Gail Gotti, married in 2007. According to court documents obtained by the Blast, Brown is claiming that she managed her husband’s business both prior to their marriage and during it. She goes on to add that Kurupt did not have any money when they first met, and had to rely on his mother for a home.

However, Kurupt tells a different story. He says Brown has never managed his career, and that he was not struggling at the time they began their romantic relationship.

Brown filed for divorce in 2017. She claims Kurupt left her for another woman shortly after Brown was diagnosed with blood cancer. But Kurupt argues that they have actually been separated since 2010. The rapper says his soon-to-be ex-wife began a relationship with another man in 2012.

2. Kurupt Has Accused Brown of Stealing Money From Him

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According to the court documents, Kurupt says he and Brown had been broken up for years prior to her cancer diagnosis. He states that he has in fact given her loans to help pay for her medical treatments.

The Blast is reporting that Kurupt has accused Brown of stealing money from him. He claims Brown took money from a company account and stole funds from his royalties by diverting the money into her personal account. Kurupt claims that Brown owes him $175,000. Kurupt’s net worth is valued at approximately $500,000.

In the divorce filings, Brown is asking for more than $14,000 per month in spousal support. She claims she has been forced to sell her jewelry, including her wedding rings, in order to pay for basic living expenses, according to BET. Brown is also asking the judge to grant her $40,000 in attorney fees and 50% ownership in her husband’s business. Kurupt is asking the court to deny these requests.

3. Jovan Brown Claims Kurupt Left Her After She Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Jovan Brown has been battling blood cancer. She has shared part of that journey on her Instagram page, which is under her stage name of Gail Gotti. She shared the video above from a hospital bed in February, before undergoing an operation. The post reads, “Your wounds lead you to your purpose. That ugly part of my story I’m living through right now is going to be one of the most powerful & beautiful parts of my testimony. A queen will always turn pain into power!”

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Bald Is Beautiful ??

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In the court documents detailed by the Blast, Brown wrote in the filings, “Our separation definitely hurt, as I could not understand how after 17 years he abruptly left me in my time of need when I needed his support and love the most… Before [Kurupt] left our relationship, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although I earned a salary prior to separation and [he] knew I needed the money, when I asked [Kurupt] to assist me with my treatment, he responded, ‘go get a regular job’ and I should ‘get a boyfriend to help me pay for my treatments.'”

Again, Kurupt has denied these allegations.

4. Jovan Brown Got Her Start in the Hip Hop World in the Early 2000s

Jovan Brown was reportedly associated with Death Row Records early in her career and later became part of the G-Unit roster. According to hip hop blogs from the early 2000s, she earned respect for her rapping skills. Bloggers referred to her as “Queen of the Coast” and “West Coast Empress.”

Brown put out at least three mixtapes that featured artists such as Teena Marie, Petey Pablo and 50 Cent. She was also featured on the soundtrack for the 2003 movie “The Dysfunctional Family.” The song from that movie, called “Gangstress (How I Roll)” is featured on iTunes.

iTunesGail Gotti song

Brown appears to also have a stake in the medical marijuana industry. She lists herself as the founder and CEO of the Night in Gail Collection, a line of cannabis products. But the organization does not have a website, and the link featured on her Instagram account sends you to a Tradesy page that features clothing and accessories.

5. Jovan Brown Posts About Personal Relationships With Some Big Names in the Music Industry

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Family Forever ♥️ #SugeKnight … #Pops

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In October 2016, Brown made reference to her relationship with hip hop music executive and record producer Sure Knight. She labeled him as a second father. Suge Knight is accused in the murder of Terry Carter in 2015. His trial is scheduled to begin in September.

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‘Tis The Season. ♥️

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Brown and her son Milan have both posted photos with musician Drake. In December 2015, she shared the photo above of Drake and her son in front of a Christmas tree.

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On Brown’s Instagram page, under the her Gail Gotti stage name, she also recently made reference to her music career by giving a shoutout to musician Keisha Epps. The caption reads, “When I was making music & started making a name for myself @lovekeishaepps was the first major artist to reach out to me, acknowledge my craft & show me love! ? Last night she told me to get back to my music. ��� Everybody can’t be wrong. .??‍♀️ So much love & respect for this Queen. ?”