Dua Lipa Shows Some Skin in White Bikini

English singing sensation Dua Lipa is showing off her toned and tanned figure in a recent Instagram post.

The picture shows the 5’8″ singer looking off in the distance, donning a high-waisted white bikini.

The 23-year-old has had a busy week; on Monday, she was nominated for four awards at the VMAs (Dance Video, Choreography, Song of the Summer, and Song), and, now, she’s living it up in Ibiza, Spain.

Interested in learning more about Lips? Read on.

Lipa was born in London to Albanian parents. In 2008, she moved with her family to Kosovo, where she attended private school.

Lipa began her career at age 14, when she started covering songs on Youtube. Within a year, she’d signed with Warner Music Group. She released her first single in August 2015, and her second single, “Be the One”, in October. The latter soared to the top of the charts in Belgium, Poland, and Slovakia.

Lipa rose to fame with her second single, “Hotter than Hell”, which was released in February 2016. The song was a worldwide hit, peaking at No. 15. She tells GQ of the hit, “I went through a tough break-up with someone who made me feel that I wasn’t good enough,” she says. “And I went to the studio so heartbroken about the situation, feeling like, you know, I want to write a sad song. Like, today is the day I want to write a sad song.” She continued, “And it was like, I’m done with feeling sorry for myself, so I want to flip the script and make it seem like he can’t get enough of me and that I was hotter than hell, even though I didn’t feel that way.”

Lipa’s subsequent song, “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)”, became her first entry on the US Billboard Hot 100 list.

Lipa is slated to release her next studio album in 2019. She says it has been heavily influenced by acts like Prince and Outcast.

When she isn’t busy with her music, Lipa’s time is occupied by the Sunny Hill Foundation, which she founded with her father to benefit the people of Kosovo. She says of the group, “I had this idea of buying this house in Kosovo and creating it as the Sunny Hill Foundation house. And in there you’d have a charity shop and [we] can open up things like dance rehearsal rooms and music studios for kids that can’t really afford it to sort of pay whatever they can. Then with the money that we make during that week, we can open a soup kitchen.”

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