‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Takes on ‘Sharknado’ with a Zombienado

AMC/Syfy Fear the Walking Dead meets Sharknado

Today on Syfy, the final Sharknado movie airs. And it seems like Fear the Walking Dead is wanting to celebrate the Sharknado anniversary with their own zombienado. If you caught the Sharknado/Z Nation feel of last week’s episode, you definitely weren’t alone. And it looks like this week’s episode is only going to bring us more craziness. (The poll about Sharknados vs. Zombienados is at the very end of this article.) 

UPDATE: There was no Zombienado (at least not a real one) on Fear the Walking Dead tonight after all. :( But the poll at the very end is still worth taking! :)


We’ll update this story as Season 4 Episode 10 of Fear the Walking Dead airs tonight. But last week’s episode gave us a glimpse of what’s going to happen. At the beginning of the episode, we saw the wind picking up the walkers and seemingly plucking them off the ground, tossing them into the sky. And at the end of the episode, we saw zombies flying through a tornado and landing on Ali and June’s car. A regular ol’ zombienado.

That was very Z Nation/Sharknado of Fear the Walking Dead. When I saw the synopsis for tonight’s Fear episode and realized that tonight is also the final Sharknado movie on Syfy, I knew it couldn’t be a coincidence. AMC is celebrating Sharknado in its own special way. (Or competing with Sharknado, depending on your perspective.)

And honestly, I shouldn’t have been surprised. In fact, Redditor ogfangirl pointed the “crossover” out a month ago when comparing Fear the Walking Dead‘s poster for Season 4B (this current season) with Sharknado’s poster for its fifth movie. Yes, the photo at the beginning of this article is the official poster for Season 4B of Fear the Walking Dead on the left, compared with the official poster for Sharknado Season 5.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “Alicia’s forced to reckon with an agonizing past while seeking refuge from a storm.” So it looks like the storm is continuing, which means we may see some more zombie-nados.

Fans already have something to say about this zombienado/walkernado/zombnado/walkericane homage to Sharknado. (And by the way, Syfy’s Z Nation already has the market cornered on being the Sharkado version of The Walking Dead. But since Z Nation has paid homage to The Walking Dead before in its storylines, I guess tonight is only fair.)

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Not everyone’s happy about it though.

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And this one is asking the important questions… Which do YOU think is worse? A Sharknado or a Zombnado?

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It’s a tough question, to be  honest. A shark in a Sharknado can eat a lot of people at once and do a lot of damage. But a zombie in a zombienado brings not only the danger of death from being eaten, like a shark brings, but also can infect multiple people who can then go on to infect and kill more people. So it’s a tough call.

Let us know which is worse, a zombienado or a Sharknado, in the poll below. Inquiring minds want to know.